Things to Do in Southport, North Carolina

Places to visit in Southport, NC.

Southport, North Carolina, is a fantastic destination that offers something for everyone. Visitors can explore the area’s Civil War history and beautiful landmarks like the Franklin Square Gallery and Fort Anderson. In addition, plenty of outdoor activities are available, from boating on the Intracoastal Waterway to fishing off the nearby beaches.

Things to Do in Southport, North Carolina

Diners who come to Southport will discover delicious seafood restaurants downtown, offering some freshest catches. Shopping is also an option, thanks to Southport’s many charming boutiques, independent stores, and gift galleries.

Finally, don’t miss out on a stop at one of Southport’s famous local wineries along your adventure. With so much to do in Southport, you’ll quickly understand why so many people keep coming back year after year!

Southport North Carolina
Southport North Carolina

Southport Waterfront Park Southport, North Carolina

Southport Waterfront Park is a nine-acre green space with plenty for locals and visitors. This park features a water fountain, an observation deck, a pier, and an extensive walking trail. Located in the heart of the town, the park is ideal for a stroll or a picnic.

The Waterfront Park is one of the main attractions in the historic seaside town of Southport. It offers a view of the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to the waterfront views, visitors can enjoy fishing and boating. Visitors can spend hours watching ships sail in and out of the Cape Fear River.

Waterfront Park Southport
Waterfront Park Southport

Another park worth visiting is Franklin Square Park, located on East and West Streets in the city. It is home to a food court, the Southport Women’s Club, a concert hall, and the Brunswick County Board of Elections.

Oak Island Lighthouse

The Oak Island Lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River in Caswell Beach, North Carolina. The lighthouse is a unique structure.

It was built in 1958, making it one of the newest lighthouses in the United States. In the 1950s, it was the second brightest light in the world.

Oak island lighthouse
Oak island lighthouse

The Coast Guard station adjacent to the lighthouse is a lifesaver for maritime traffic. This lighthouse, a Federal Lands to Parks property, was acquired by the Town of Caswell Beach in 2004.

Visitors can enjoy the panoramic views from the Oak Island Lighthouse. These include the mouth of the Cape Fear River, a 12-mile coastline, and Bald Head Island.

The lighthouse has an 11-foot-tall aluminum lantern housing. Four 2.5 million candlepower aerobeacon lenses light the lighthouse.

Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site

Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site is located on the western bank of the Cape Fear River. It is one of the best-preserved earthen fortifications in the United States. During the Civil War, Confederate forces built a fort on top of the old village site.

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Inside the remains of St. Philip's Church - Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site
Inside the remains of St. Philip’s Church – Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site

The town was an important port on the Cape Fear River before the Revolutionary War. In 1776, Brunswick was destroyed by British troops. However, the city was restored and reoccupied after the war.

Today, the area is rich with historical sites. Visitors can tour the town’s ruins and fort at the visitor center, which has an audio-visual program highlighting the area’s history. There are also guided tours for groups of 10 or more. A recent renovation has also added new exhibits.

North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport

The North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport is a museum that focuses on the maritime history of the Lower Cape Fear region of North Carolina. Visitors can explore its collection of marine artifacts and learn about the local culture through a self-guided tour of the facility. This museum is one of three state-sponsored maritime museums along the coast of North Carolina.

Best tourist attractions in Southport, North Carolina

The Maritime Museum features several exhibits related to shipwrecks and piracy. The museum also shares its history through hands-on and interpretive displays. For example, visitors can read pleas for clemency from the notorious pirate Stede Bonnet.

Visitors can also view an extensive commercial and sport fishing exhibit. Several displays in this section include anglers posing with big catches. Another display shows a nearly eight-foot replica of a famous fisherman from the area.

Old Brunswick County Jail in Southport North Carolina

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Southport, visit the Old Brunswick County Jail Museum. It’s one of the more recent sights in the city, and it’s a beautiful place to learn about its fascinating history.

Old Brunswick County Jail
Old Brunswick County Jail

Located on Nash and Rhett Streets, the jailhouse was built in the early 1900s. It was a two-story brick building with cells and a jailer’s apartment on the second floor. Each cell was designed with four bunks. There was also a wash basin and toilet in each cell.

Before it closed in 1971, the Old Brunswick County Jail served as its central jail. It was used for 70 years until a new jail was built across the street.

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