Fort Henry Mall in Kingsport, TN: From Glory Days to New Horizons

The Inception and Early Years of Fort Henry Mall

Introduction to Fort Henry Mall

In Kingsport, Tennessee, Fort Henry Mall emerged as a central shopping destination, opening its doors on March 10, 1976.

Originally named Kingsport Town Center, it stood at the intersection of Fort Henry Drive and Memorial Boulevard.

As the only regional shopping mall serving Kingsport, its inauguration marked a significant milestone in the city’s retail landscape.

The mall’s opening offered a new shopping experience and became a pivotal point for things to do in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Original Structure and Anchors

Fort Henry Mall was designed as a two-level structure, accommodating a variety of stores and services. From its inception, the mall boasted major retail anchors that drew in crowds.

These included well-known names like Sears, Belk, JCPenney, and Miller’s Department Store. These anchor stores played a crucial role in defining the mall’s character and appeal.

The presence of these retail giants under one roof transformed the mall into a bustling hub of commercial activity, setting a high standard for regional shopping centers.

Community Impact in Early Years

The early years of Fort Henry Mall were characterized by a vibrant atmosphere and a strong community presence.

The mall quickly became more than just a shopping center; it was a social gathering place for the people of Kingsport.

Its impact on the local economy was significant, attracting shoppers across the region and creating numerous job opportunities.

The mall’s diverse range of stores catered to various needs and preferences, making it a go-to destination for families, teenagers, and tourists.

Fort Henry Mall was a cornerstone of Kingsport’s retail and social life in these formative years.

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Evolution and Expansion Over the Years

Renovation Plans and Changes

In the years following its opening, Fort Henry Mall embarked on a journey of evolution and expansion.

A significant change was the renaming of the mall, which took place in mid-2008, a strategic move to rebrand and refresh its image.

In 2010, ambitious plans were set to revamp the mall’s interior and exterior. These plans were not just cosmetic upgrades but aimed at redefining the mall’s identity. The proposed renovations included:

  • Modern stone-paved floors.
  • Comfortable gathering spaces.
  • A new children’s play area.
  • A contemporary design features brick and glass facades.

A notable addition was a new clock tower, food court, and monumental new entry structures designed to enhance the shopping experience.

Failed Renovation Attempts

Despite these grand plans, the mall faced several setbacks. The initial phase of interior work was scheduled to begin in 2010, with a completion target set for 2011.

However, these plans were continually delayed. The change in mall management, with General Growth Properties transferring its rights to The Hocker Group, led to altered expansion and renovation plans.

The intended development included a two-story atrium and a 14-screen cinema center, which would have significantly increased the mall’s appeal.

However, these ambitious projects have yet to materialize, leaving the mall uncertain and unfulfilled potential.

Tenant Changes and Departures

The period of planned renovations and management changes coincided with significant tenant turnover.

Notable departures included Chick-fil-A, Radio Shack, and Waldenbooks, which closed their doors for various reasons.

These closures marked a shift in the mall’s tenant composition, reflecting the changing retail landscape.

The departure of these stores impacted the mall’s foot traffic and signaled a challenging phase in its history.

New Ownership by Hull Property Group

In a significant turn of events, 2016 marked a new chapter for Fort Henry Mall with the change in ownership.

Hull Property Group, a renowned real estate and management name, acquired the mall. This transition was a change in administration and a new vision for the mall’s future.

Hull Property Group, known for its expertise in revitalizing shopping centers, embarked on a mission to rejuvenate Fort Henry Mall.

Their acquisition signaled a renewed hope for the mall’s revival, promising to address its challenges and enhance its appeal to the modern consumer.

However, the path to revitalization was not smooth. One of the challenges was a legal dispute that emerged with Frank Theatres.

The issue centered around unpaid rent and contractual disagreements related to the mall’s renovation plans.

Frank Theatres, which had taken over the mall’s cinema space after the exit of Marquee Cinemas, had initially planned to build a comprehensive entertainment center.

This center was to include a 12-screen cineplex, an IMAX theater, and additional entertainment facilities.

However, disagreements and unmet obligations led to Frank Theatres ceasing rent payments in March 2016 and eventually being evicted in October of the same year.

This legal tussle affected the mall’s operations, reputation, and tenant relations.

Renovation Efforts Under New Management

Despite these challenges, Hull Property Group continued its renovation efforts.

One of the significant developments under their management was the introduction of Dunham’s Sports in the space formerly occupied by the Belk Home Store.

This addition was part of the broader strategy of diversifying the mall’s tenant mix and offering visitors more.

The renovation efforts under Hull Property Group aimed to modernize the mall and make it more relevant to contemporary shopping trends.

The Decline and Current State of Fort Henry Mall

Recent Closures and Losses

Fort Henry Mall has faced many challenges that have contributed to its decline in recent years.

One of the most significant blows was the closure of the JCPenney store in 2020, a key anchor tenant since the mall’s inception.

This closure was part of a nationwide downsizing by JCPenney, affecting numerous malls across the country.

The loss of JCPenney was a major setback for Fort Henry Mall, leaving a substantial void in its retail offerings and significantly impacting foot traffic.

This event indicated traditional malls’ broader challenges adapting to the rapidly changing retail landscape.

Current Tenant Composition

As of December 2023, Fort Henry Mall hosts a variety of tenants, though the number has diminished over the years.

The current tenant mix includes stores like Claire’s, Rue 21, Ruffles in the Mud, The Appalachian Honey Boutique, and Belk.

The presence of these stores indicates a shift in the mall’s strategy, focusing more on specialty retailers and local businesses.

Additionally, entertainment options like NCG Cinema and service-oriented companies like LensCrafters and Bath & Body Works contribute to the mall’s current profile.

Despite the reduced number of stores, these tenants continue to serve the local community, offering various products and services.

Challenges and Future Outlook

The future of Fort Henry Mall remains uncertain amidst the evolving retail environment. The decline in traditional mall traffic, competition from online retailers, and changing consumer preferences pose significant challenges.

The mall’s ability to adapt and reinvent itself is crucial for its survival and relevance. Strategies such as diversifying the tenant mix, incorporating more experiential and service-based offerings, and enhancing the overall consumer experience are potential pathways for revitalization.

The management’s efforts to navigate these challenges and innovate will be key in determining the mall’s future trajectory and role in the Kingsport community.

Future Developments and Announcements

Upcoming Announcements

Fort Henry Mall stands at a pivotal juncture, with significant developments on the horizon. As of late 2023, Hull Property Group, the current owners of the mall, have hinted at a “special announcement” scheduled for the near future.

This announcement, eagerly anticipated by the Kingsport community and retail industry observers, is expected to reveal plans for substantial investment in the mall.

Such an investment could revitalize the mall, bringing in new tenants and enhancing the shopping experience.

Potential New Additions

Speculation about the nature of these developments includes the possibility of new and diverse tenants joining the mall.

One potential addition that has garnered attention is Rural King, a farm and home supply store known for its wide range of products and services.

Introducing Rural King or similar large-scale tenants could significantly alter the mall’s retail landscape, attracting different customer demographics and revitalizing the mall’s appeal.

Integrating such tenants would be strategic, aligning with current retail trends favoring shopping, entertainment, and experiential offerings.

Long-term Vision for Fort Henry Mall

The long-term vision for Fort Henry Mall under Hull Property Group’s stewardship is focused on redevelopment and rejuvenation.

This vision likely includes attracting new tenants and enhancing the mall’s infrastructure and aesthetic appeal.

The goal is to create a more inviting and dynamic environment that can compete in the modern retail market. Strategies include:

  • The incorporation of more community-focused spaces.
  • The introduction of innovative retail concepts.
  • The hosting of events and activities that draw people to the mall.

The success of these strategies will be crucial in reestablishing Fort Henry Mall as a premier shopping and social destination in Kingsport and the surrounding region.

Fort Henry Mall in 2023: A Year of Significant Developments

Fort Henry Mall in Kingsport, Tennessee, has experienced a year of notable changes and developments in 2023.

This year marked a significant phase in the mall’s journey, with new business interests, property sales, and exciting facility additions.

New Prospects and Investments

One of the major highlights for Fort Henry Mall in 2023 was the growing business interest. Five prospective businesses expressed their intention to move into the mall, indicating a positive trend in commercial growth.

This company’s interest showcases the mall’s potential as a commercial hub in Kingsport.

A Major Highlight: IMAX Theater

A key development in 2023 was the announcement of a state-of-the-art IMAX Theater coming to Fort Henry Mall.

This addition, part of an $8 million investment, signifies a major step towards enhancing the entertainment offerings of the mall.

The IMAX theater is expected to draw significant footfall, contributing to the mall’s appeal as a leisure destination.

Property Sales and Enhancements

Another significant development was selling the former JCPenney property for over $2.6 million. This sale reflects the ongoing changes in the mall’s landscape and the interest of investors in this area.


Reflecting on Fort Henry Mall’s Journey

As we look back on the history of Fort Henry Mall, it’s clear that it has been a journey marked by significant highs and challenging lows.

From its grand opening in 1976 as a bustling hub of retail activity to its current state facing the challenges of a rapidly evolving retail landscape, the mall has been an integral part of Kingsport’s community fabric.

Despite various setbacks, its ability to adapt and evolve over the years is a testament to its enduring significance in the region.

Looking Towards the Future

As we move forward, the future of Fort Henry Mall remains a topic of keen interest. There is a sense of cautious optimism with potential new investments and developments.

The mall’s ability to reinvent itself, adapt to new retail models, and continue serving as a community hub will be crucial in the coming years.

The ongoing efforts by Hull Property Group and the anticipation of new additions and renovations hold promise for a revitalized Fort Henry Mall.

The mall is not just a retail space but a symbol of Kingsport’s resilience and adaptability in the face of change. The coming years will be pivotal in defining the next chapter of Fort Henry Mall’s story.

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  1. Avatar of

    any business is only as good as management.Its too lonely ,puts some fun and afeeling of comfort in

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for your input on Fort Henry Mall! It’s true the quality of management can make or break a business.

  2. Avatar of Stephen

    The main reason that the Fort Henry mall is dying is because several of the original anchor stores are out of business. Millers which was upstairs over the theater went out of business. Then proffit’s moved in to that space and also where belk is now. Then sears went belly up followed by jc penny’s. Let’s not forget about the rent increases that drove the smallest stores out of the mall the only large stores in the mall are belks formally Paks-Belk and 2 restaurants Piccadilly and Italian village.

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thanks for shedding light on the factors contributing to the decline of Fort Henry Mall. It’s sad to see the effect of losing those anchor stores, and I empathize with the smaller businesses affected by rent increases. Your comment helps raise awareness and encourage positive change.

      1. Avatar of Liam

        I’m 12 and I love going to the fort henrey mall! I’m going there tomorrow. My mom always talks about how it used to be so much better. I think it would be cool if it had more stores but I also really like how it is now

        1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
          Spencer Walsh (author)

          Your comment brought a smile to my face! It’s refreshing to see positivity about Fort Henry Mall. I hope you continue to enjoy your visits. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

        2. Avatar of grace

          me too !! my mom told me of how it used to be when she was younger and points out where all the old stores used to be. its sad to know that such little stores are left, but i think its still a really nice mall, and i always enjoy going there even if it’s just to walk around

  3. Avatar of Sue Neeley
    Sue Neeley

    I’m sure if you could bring back Piccadilly it would add something back. Not only to shoppers but outsiders as well. I always thought when I retired I would have Piccadilly to lean on a few times a week. It’s not here and I’m very sad. Please bring it back!!!

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for sharing your fond memories of Piccadilly at Fort Henry Mall! It’s great to hear how much you appreciated the restaurant and its role in enhancing the mall experience. It’s evident that the restaurant had a special place in your heart and the hearts of many others.

    2. Avatar of Jade

      It’s sad to see this place decline like it has. I remember going there as a child with my Mom. We traveled from Greeneville to Kingsport just to go. It was considered an outting and an all day experience. I honestly think that being able to purchase online has killed so many of the retail stores/outlets in our area. If there was an incentive to go, it would be different. As it stands, most places you can purchase online with free shipping and free returns. We’ve become a society of laziness and instant gratification, coupled with soaring gas prices and crimes. It’s so much easier to have something delivered to you in the comfort of your home than to put yourself out there for anything to happen. Just my opinion.

      1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
        Spencer Walsh (author)

        Thank you for sharing your memories and thoughts on Fort Henry Mall. It’s always nostalgic to reminisce about the experiences we had at such places during our childhood.
        Indeed, the convenience and ease of online purchasing have made it difficult for many physical retail stores to compete. On the other hand, there’s something special about the experience of visiting a mall and spending time with friends or family while browsing through various stores. To revitalize malls like Fort Henry, it might be necessary to create unique incentives or attractions that online shopping cannot offer, such as special events or exclusive in-store deals.

  4. Avatar of Gloria Fuller
    Gloria Fuller

    Rent needs to be reduced to bring in new shops and restaurants food court. Also one of the biggest problems I have seen in the mall it is not handicapped accessible no wheelchairs or baby buggies for smaller children This mall can rebound if the right stores get in we are in dire situation with the economy right now and reducing rent is better than having no rent. If belk goes the mall will fail worse it will be gone It is a beautiful building and has lot of possibilities need to cater to older people as well as young. Rather shop inside where cool and don’t get wet or cold while having variety of shops

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Fort Henry Mall. I agree that reducing rent could potentially attract new businesses and revitalize the food court. In the current economic climate, some flexibility in rent might be a wise move to keep the mall alive and thriving.

  5. Avatar of Kevin Harmon
    Kevin Harmon

    I managed the FHM from 2002 (owner was Wilmorite) to 2016 when Hull Property Group biufgt the mall. The factors you mention are not what caused the malls demise. General Growth never owned the mall. They were a 3rd party management group.

    The reason Sam’s left Kingsport is the reason FHM declined.

    The video spills obvious blather not actual facts.

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for sharing your unique perspective as a former manager of Fort Henry Mall. It’s essential to clearly understand the mall’s history and the factors contributing to its decline. Your clarification on the roles of Wilmorite, Hull Property Group, and General Growth helps gain a better insight into the mall’s ownership and management. Hearing from those with firsthand experience and knowledge about the subject is always beneficial.

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