Vancouver Mall in Vancouver, WA – A Cherished Landmark in Southern Washington

An Iconic Shopping Destination: Vancouver Mall

Located in the vibrant city of Vancouver, Washington, Vancouver Mall has been a go-to shopping destination within the Portland metropolitan area since its inception in 1977.

Previously known as Westfield Vancouver, the mall is now owned by Centennial Real Estate and boasts a retail floor area of 883,000 square feet spread across two floors.

The shopping center is well-connected, situated near the interchange of Interstate 205 and State Route 500, and provides ample parking with 4,250 spaces available.

Over the years, Vancouver Mall has seen a variety of anchor tenants, including today’s Gold’s Gym, H&M, JCPenney, Round One, Macy’s, AMC, Hobby Lobby, and Old Navy.

Vancouver Mall in Vancouver, Washington

In the distant past, anchor stores that were present included Meier & Frank, Sears, Nordstrom, and Mervyn’s. As of 2022, the mall housed 120+ stores and services, catering to diverse shopping needs.

The Evolution of Vancouver Mall

The mall’s story began with an announcement in December 1972 by California-based developer Newman Properties and St. Louis-based May Centers.

With a budget of $50 million, Vancouver Mall was planned as a fully-enclosed structure with two retail levels at the intersection of then-unfinished Interstate 205 and State Route 500.

The construction proceeded in two phases, with the mall opening its doors in August 1977 with Meier & Frank, Nordstrom, and Sears as its anchors.

Phase two saw the addition of a JCPenney store and a planned Lipman’s store, which Mervyns later replaced.

In the years that followed, the mall underwent several transformations. The property was incorporated into Vancouver city limits in 1993, and the same year, the mall added a new food court and renovated its interior.

In 1994, May Centers sold the mall to Westfield America, Inc., renamed it “Westfield Shoppingtown Vancouver” in 1998. The “Shoppingtown” part was dropped in September 2005, making it Westfield Vancouver.

The mall saw interior and minor exterior renovations in 2003 and further expansions in 2006. Nordstrom closed its store at the mall in January 2015, and Gold’s Gym and H&M moved into the vacated space.

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Recent Developments and Future Prospects

In 2015, the mall changed ownership when Centennial Real Estate Company acquired it and some other U.S. Westfield properties for $45 million. With the acquisition, the mall’s name was changed to Vancouver Mall, and the management remained the same.

In recent years, new tenants such as Hobby Lobby, Round One Entertainment, Sephora, and FitNation have moved into the mall, which has continued to evolve as a shopping destination.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vancouver Mall has adapted by implementing safety measures and restrictions to ensure a safe shopping experience for its patrons.

The mall has also seen a turnover in national retailers since 2020, with some stores closing and new ones joining the lineup.

In addition, in 2020, the mall announced minor interior renovations, including new carpets, seating areas, and cosmetic changes throughout the property.

A Legacy of Community Connection

For 45 years, Vancouver Mall has been a lively and trusted destination for over 5.5 million annual visitors. As a vital part of the Vancouver community, Centennial, the mall’s owner, is committed to shaping the center according to the desires and preferences of the area’s residents.

Vancouver Mall aims to reflect the personality and style of the community while providing a safe, comfortable, and inviting environment for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It remains a cherished gathering place for friends and family in the region.

The mall’s dedication to meeting the needs of its patrons extends to working closely with retailers, shoppers, and the greater community.

As Vancouver Mall looks forward to the future, it constantly seeks ways to innovate and enhance the shopping experience while staying true to its visitors’ preferences, needs, and desires.

This unwavering commitment has made Vancouver Mall an enduring and beloved part of the southern Washington landscape for decades.

Embracing Change and Growth

Throughout its history, Vancouver Mall has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and grow with the changing times.

From the early days of development and expansion to overcoming challenges posed by economic shifts and the COVID-19 pandemic, the mall has consistently evolved to meet the needs of its visitors.

As the retail landscape transforms, Vancouver Mall remains dedicated to offering various stores and services while improving its infrastructure and amenities.

The ongoing renovations, new store additions, and safety measures all showcase the mall’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring a consistently enjoyable experience for its patrons.

Vancouver Mall in Vancouver, WA – 45 Years of Community Connection

As Vancouver Mall marked its 45th anniversary in 2022, it stands as a testament to its enduring appeal and the loyalty of its visitors.

Over the years, the mall has grown from a modest shopping center to a bustling regional destination, continually adapting to the needs of its patrons and the evolving retail landscape.

With a rich history behind it and an exciting future ahead, Vancouver Mall continues to be a cherished landmark in the southern Washington region.

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