Things to Do in Weirton, West Virginia

Places to visit in Weirton, WV.

The city of Weirton, West Virginia, is located in the northern portion of the Northern Panhandle region. It is a place where you can enjoy an excellent vacation. The city has some activities for all ages but also a quaint and suburban feel. It’s a great place to retire.

Some of the best things to do in Weirton, West Virginia, include visiting the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center. This unique establishment is dedicated to preserving the city’s rich history. In addition to displaying artifacts, it also hosts educational programs and provides a background on the culture and history of the area.

Veterans Memorial Bridge in Weirton, West Virginia

The Veterans Memorial Bridge is an impressive bridge that connects Weirton, West Virginia, to Steubenville, Ohio. It is a cable-stayed structure with a total length of 1,965 feet. In addition to being a beautiful and impressive structure, the bridge also carries US 22 across the Ohio River.

The bridge’s construction was a project that spanned more than three decades. The bridge is made from concrete and steel. Twenty-six paired cables support the deck. However, the fan-like cables that suspend the structure from the ground are some of the most exciting features.

Veterans Memorial Bridge
Veterans Memorial Bridge

There are four approach spans, each of which spans 314 feet. The most extended cable in the deck is 800 feet. Also, the bridge has a 360-foot tall tower. This is the same design used to construct the East Huntington bridge.

Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center

The Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center are where visitors can learn about the city’s history. The museum also holds various community events.

For example, the Festival of Nations is held at the museum. The center also features a scavenger hunt. You can find more information about the museum on the website.

The Weirton Museum is located in the heart of the city. The museum contains hundreds of historical artifacts from the town’s steel mill. In addition, it has a gift shop with locally made items.

Visitors can stroll around the area and check out local art galleries. They can also stop by the Summit Gallery, a nonprofit organization promoting community art.

Hillman State Park

Hillman State Park is a Pennsylvania state park located in Hanover Township, Washington County, about 13 miles east of Weirton. It connects the Kings Creek and Raccoon Creek watersheds within the greater Raccoon Creek Valley Natural Area. This 3,600-acre (1,457 ha) state park is managed for hunting by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. In addition, it offers hiking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, a radio-controlled aircraft field, and open mountain bike trails to the public.

Jonathan at Hillman State Park, Pennsylvania
Jonathan at Hillman State Park, Pennsylvania

Hiking Trails in Hillman State Park

Hiking trails at Hillman State Park provide access to several essential habitats for various wildlife species. These include a hardwood forest, pine forest, grassland, and wetlands. The park also has several food plots cultivated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission to provide additional sources of nutrition for deer, turkey, and other species during fall and winter.

Van Gorder Trail

This loop trail begins on Van Gorder Road and travels along a ridgeline through hardwood forests with incredible vistas over the valley below. It has two steep climbs, but it is worth the effort!

Switchback Trail

During the early 1900s, the Florence-Five Points oil and coal fields were a significant part of the local economy. As a result, the reclaimed areas are rich in wildflowers and wildlife, including ring-necked pheasant.

Lyle Covered Bridge
Lyle Covered Bridge

Lyle Covered Bridge

This bright red-covered bridge is an excellent little addition to the park. It is a short drive from the park entrance and worth checking out!

Top of West Virginia Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Top of West Virginia Convention & Visitors Bureau in Weirton, WV, offers a wide variety of services to residents and visitors. From hiking trails to local art galleries, the Top of WV CVB provides an array of activities to enjoy. This organization is located at 3539 Main Street in Weirton, WV, 26062. It is open Monday through Friday.

Located in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia, the Top of WV CVB helps promote the towns of Hancock and Brooke County. They also offer various amenities, including outdoor activities and the Weirton Event Center. Other attractions include the Summit Art Gallery, which features pottery and other local artwork.

Hancock County Historical Museum

West Virginia has a lot of history and is home to many heroes who have served our country wholeheartedly. It is also a state where the people are very patriotic.

Hancock County Historical Museum is located in New Cumberland and displays a vast collection of historical items from the region. Some highlights include displays of the Native Americans, the Washington family, slavery in West Virginia, and everyday life in the 19th century.

A fascinating place to spend a few hours, the museum has many exciting things on display and is well organized. It is a must-see when visiting West Virginia!

New Cumberland WV Hancock County Historical Museum
New Cumberland WV Hancock County Historical Museum

The history of Hancock County is a rich and complex one. Early settlers of the area included British, Spanish, Americans, and Indians.

Their land transactions, personal letters, and official documents put a human face on the archaeological and historical reconstruction of their lives and times from the mid-18th to mid-19th centuries. Families such as the Boisdore, Favres, Sauciers, and Rousseve populate the County to this day.

The Hancock County Historical Museum is housed in a historic two-and-one-half-story brick residence built in 1887 by Oliver Marshall. The house has a hipped roof and decorative block woodwork. The first floor has a bay window and three one-over-one sash windows.

Best Things to Do in Weirton, West Virginia

Places to visit in Weirton, WV:

  1. Veterans Memorial Bridge in Weirton, West Virginia
  2. Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center
  3. Hillman State Park
    • Hiking Trails in Hillman State Park
    • Van Gorder Trail
    • Switchback Trail
    • Lyle Covered Bridge
  4. Top of West Virginia Convention Visitors Bureau
  5. Hancock County Historical Museum

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