What Makes the Beverly Center Mall in Los Angeles, CA, Unique?

Historical Background

Nestled at the intersection of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, the Beverly Center Mall is a testament to Los Angeles‘ vibrant retail history.

Before the glitz and glamour of the mall, the site was home to “Beverly Park,” a small amusement park that delighted children with its Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and mini roller-coaster. The laughter from “Ponyland” echoes still resonate with those who remember.

The Beverly Center was created in March 1982 by developers A. Alfred Taubman, E. Phillip Lyon, and Sheldon Gordon. It replaced the amusement park but brought its form of entertainment and style.

The mall’s unique shape, dictated by its position at the intersection of angled streets and above the Salt Lake Oil Field, set it apart from other shopping centers.

The mall’s opening was marked by the debut of a multiplex movie theater with 14 screens, a record at the time. This was not just a local event; the opening was significant enough to be covered by The New York Times. The theater became a hub for movie lovers until its closure on June 3, 2010, leaving behind a legacy of shared cinematic experiences.

Beverly Center: Retail Evolution

The Beverly Center’s retail landscape has evolved over the years, reflecting the changing tastes and trends of Los Angeles.

Original anchor stores like Bullock’s gave way to Macy’s, while upscale brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci found their home in the mall. The mix of stores has always been a blend of the accessible and the exclusive, a mirror of the city’s diverse fashion sense.

One can’t talk about the Beverly Center without mentioning the USA’s first Hard Rock Cafe, a place that became synonymous with the mall until its closure in 2007. The memories of dining amidst rock memorabilia linger in the minds of many who frequented the place.

The mall also has weathered economic challenges, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, adapting and evolving to meet the needs of its patrons.

The recent list of retailers as of 2023 includes Macy’s, Apple, H&M, Banana Republic, Uniqlo, Bloomingdale’s, Zara, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Express, and many more. The closure of Forever 21 was announced, but as of August 2023, the store remains open, defying expectations and adding to the mall’s resilient character.

Beverly Center Mall in Los Angeles
Beverly Center Exterior” by John Lopez is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Architectural Features and Renovations

The Beverly Center’s architecture is as distinctive as its retail offerings. The original design by Lou Nardorf of Welton Becket and Associates gave the mall an unmistakable presence. The dramatic six-story series of escalators, offering views of the Hollywood Hills and Downtown Los Angeles, became an iconic feature.

Renovations have been a part of the mall’s history, with significant changes from 2006 to 2008 and a major overhaul starting in March 2016. These renovations were not without controversy, as stores complained about a decline in foot traffic. However, the mall emerged with a new look, including a food hall, skylight, and upgraded parking structure.

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The $500 million renovation added a perforated steel facade and introduced technology to help drivers remember where they parked. These modern touches blend with the mall’s original charm, creating a nostalgic and forward-looking space.

Dining and Entertainment

The Beverly Center has been a hub for dining and entertainment, though this landscape has seen its share of changes. Once a hub of bustling activity, the food court was shut down in 2014 to create space for a new store. In that very spot, Uniqlo launched one of its first Southern California locations.

Restaurants have come and gone, with notable closures, including Grand Lux Cafe and The Capital Grille. The mall’s efforts to bring back dining establishments reflect its commitment to providing a complete shopping experience. The memories of meals shared and celebrations held in these restaurants add to the rich tapestry of the Beverly Center’s history.

The movie theater, with its 14 screens and rooftop auditoriums, was a landmark in its own right. Its closure in 2010 marked the end of an era, but the memories of films watched and friendships forged in those darkened halls live on.

Cultural Impact and Appearances

The Beverly Center’s influence extends beyond shopping; it has made its mark on popular culture. It has been the setting for films like “Scenes from a Mall” and “Volcano,” and even played a role in novels like Bret Easton Ellis’s “Less than Zero.”

Tragic events, such as the fatal shooting of rap artist Dolla in 2009, are also part of the mall’s complex history. These joyful and sorrowful moments contribute to the Beverly Center’s identity as a place where real life unfolds.

The mall’s appearances in video games like “Grand Theft Auto V” and references in songs by Lana Del Rey showcase its enduring relevance. It’s not just a shopping center; it’s a symbol of Los Angeles, woven into the fabric of the city’s culture and consciousness.

Economic and Business Perspectives

The Beverly Center’s economic impact is felt in Los Angeles and across the retail industry. Challenges such as declining foot traffic during renovations and the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic have tested the mall’s resilience. Yet, it continues to adapt and thrive, a testament to its enduring appeal and savvy management.

The mall’s prospects are bright, with a focus on innovation and adaptability. As the retail landscape changes, the Beverly Center stands ready to evolve, maintaining its position as a beloved destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment.


The Beverly Center is more than a mall; it’s a living, breathing part of Los Angeles’ history and culture. Its retail, dining, and entertainment blend has created memories for generations of Angelenos. The echoes of the past, from the amusement park rides to the flickering movie screens, resonate in its halls.

Its architectural innovations, renovations, and adaptability reflect the dynamic spirit of Los Angeles. The Beverly Center is not just a place to shop but to connect, remember, and celebrate the city’s unique character.

The journey through the Beverly Center is a journey through Los Angeles itself, a nostalgic and inspiring reflection of a city that never stands still.

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