Competitive Things to Do in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport, Connecticut, is a fun day-trip destination. Its many attractions make it perfect for a family or a date. However, there is something for everyone, from a scenic ride on the Steamboat Company to a visit to the Discovery Museum and Planetarium.

Bridgeport, Connecticut, is the fifth-most populated city in New England. It has a population of 148,333 and is a major port. The city is a hub for the financial and commercial world and has many attractions to offer tourists.

Things to Do in Bridgeport, Connecticut

SeaQuest Connecticut

SeaQuest Connecticut is an indoor aquarium located in the Trumbull Mall. This attraction is an interactive experience that allows visitors to interact with animals from five continents. Aside from being a great family destination, SeaQuest is also a great way to learn about animal habitats.

The facility features over 20,000 square feet of adventure. Guests can experience multiple themes, such as Shark Week and Sea Quest’s Hurricane Simulator. There are more than 1,200 different species of animals.

Best places to visit in Bridgeport, Connecticut

In addition to sea life, SeaQuest offers several terrestrial habitats. Visitors can get up close with a wallaby, which is a small kangaroo-like creature. Also, you can see a sloth, a parrot, a tiger, and a tortoise.

SeaQuest in Connecticut features more than 1,200 animals. You can see sharks, stingrays, and more. You can even hand-feed Flash the Sloth, a sulcata tortoise.

Discovery Science Center and Planetarium

The Discovery Science Center and Planetarium is an interactive museum and planetarium located at the Sacred Heart University campus in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This state-of-the-art facility offers various fun-filled and educational programs throughout the year.

One of the best things about this Center is that it offers the public a wealth of science materials and hands-on exhibits to help teach children and adults about the wonders of STEM. The Center is also an educational resource for area schools and offers eight weeks of Summer STEM Programs for young learners in grades K-9.

The science center is home to a full dome planetarium, which can host up to 80 guests. In addition, the planetarium has a dual projector that offers a 4k laser. Guests can participate in daily programming and take in a private show. It’s also worth noting that the Center provides free admission to residents for a limited time.

Other features of the Science Center include a mezzanine art gallery and auditorium. Additionally, the building boasts lightning-fast internet speeds and manicured landscaping.

The Center’s main attraction is the Discovery Museum, which includes more than 100 hands-on exhibits. These exhibits include a variety of traveling and permanent displays. Another fun-filled attraction is Adventure Park, a five-acre woodland behind the main Museum building. Individuals and groups can enjoy this outdoor adventure park.

While you’re here, you’ll want to check out the Discovery Museum’s latest offerings, which include a revamped planetarium and new learning labs that meet the Next Generation Science Standards.

Seaside Park

A crescent-shaped park that extends two and one-half miles along the shoreline of Bridgeport Harbor, Seaside Park is located in the city’s south-end neighborhood. Its long beachfront is popular with visitors, and its surrounding areas feature several athletic fields and picnic areas.

Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT
Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT

The area was developed as a waterfront “rural” park in the 1850s and is now considered one of the first public parks in the United States. With the arrival of more people in the city, the need for parks grew.

Seaside Park is a large, beautiful park that has been essential to Bridgeport’s modern-day life for many years. Several events and activities occur in the park, including festivals and concerts. In addition, there is a lighthouse at the western end.

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

Visiting the Beardsley Zoo is a great way to spend a day in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This small zoo is packed with animals and offers a variety of activities. For example, you can walk on an aerial trail, watch native birds in flight, or look at a colorful carousel.

The Beardsley Zoo is a non-profit zoo that helps preserve endangered species. They work with animals like the golden lion tamarin and the Andean condor.

Otter, Beardsley Zoo, Connecticut
Otter, Beardsley Zoo, Connecticut

The zoo has been around for a long time. However, it has undergone many changes. In the 1970s, efforts to preserve endangered species led to significant changes. Today, the zoo is a great place to spend a day with the kids.

For younger children, there is the Discovery Museum and Planetarium. It features three permanent galleries and lessons on electricity.

Steelpointe Harbor

Steelpointe Harbor is a waterfront development redefining Bridgeport, Connecticut’s waterfront. Located on the coast of Long Island Sound, the development is close to major regional destinations and is only 60 miles from New York City. The project is expected to include a 200-slip marina, a restaurant, an entertainment venue, theaters, retail, and residential living.

Steelpointe Harbor, Bridgeport, CT
Steelpointe Harbor, Bridgeport, CT

The first phase of the Steelpointe project is scheduled to open this fall. It will feature a waterfront promenade, retail, and a Starbucks. Eventually, the project will expand to a mix of 800,000 square feet of commercial space and over 1,000 residential units.

According to a local real estate developer, the development will include an 800-foot waterfront walk that will allow for access to both land and sea. Those who want to enjoy the view from the water will also have the option to sit down at the waterside Boca Oyster Bar.

The Barnum Museum

The Barnum Museum is dedicated to the life of the famous American showman Phineas Taylor Barnum. It is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and has artifacts from the 19th century.

Barnum was born in Bethel, Connecticut, and died in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1891. He was a businessman and philanthropist who made a name for himself as an entertainer. During his lifetime, he traveled the country with his circus.

Barnum Museum Bridgeport
Barnum Museum Bridgeport

Barnum donated funds to build the Barnum Museum. He also served as mayor of Bridgeport. When the Great Depression hit, many museums were closed. However, the Barnum Institute of Science and History building stayed open and was a popular tourist destination.

This museum is now part of the city of Bridgeport. It is the oldest museum in the world. There are over 60,000 artifacts that are related to the life of P.T. Barnum.

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