Edison Mall in Fort Myers, FL: Where History Meets Modern Retail

Introduction to Edison Mall

Overview and Significance

Edison Mall, an iconic super-regional shopping center in Fort Myers, Florida, is a testament to the evolution of retail spaces in the United States.

Opened in 1965, this enclosed mall has become a landmark in the region, not just for shopping but as a venue for community engagement and activities.

Its establishment marked a significant shift in the retail landscape of Fort Myers, transitioning from traditional downtown shopping to modern, enclosed malls.

Edison Mall, named after the renowned inventor Thomas Edison, who had a winter residence in Fort Myers, has been a focal point for retail and social gatherings for decades.

Location and Accessibility

Situated at 4125 S Cleveland Avenue, Edison Mall’s strategic location has played a crucial role in its success and longevity.

The mall’s accessibility is enhanced by its proximity to major roads, making it a convenient destination for locals and visitors.

This prime location has contributed to the mall’s reputation as a central hub for shopping and entertainment in Fort Myers.

For those looking for things to do in Fort Myers, Florida, Edison Mall offers a variety of retail, dining, and entertainment options.

Ownership and Management

Since 2014, Edison Mall has been under the ownership and management of Washington Prime Group, a renowned name in real estate investment.

This transition in management brought new strategies and visions for the mall, ensuring its relevance in the rapidly changing retail sector.

Washington Prime Group’s stewardship has been pivotal in maintaining Edison Mall’s status as a key player in the Fort Myers retail scene, adapting to market trends and consumer preferences to offer a dynamic shopping experience.

Historical Development

Early Planning and Construction

The genesis of Edison Mall dates back to the early 1960s, a period marked by significant retail evolution.

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George Sanders developed the mall to transform a former strawberry field into a bustling retail hub.

This strategic location, at the northeast corner of U.S. Route 41 and Colonial Boulevard, was then a relatively undeveloped area of Fort Myers.

The only notable establishments nearby were a Publix supermarket and a drive-in theater.

The mall’s planning coincided with the desire of major retailers like Sears and JCPenney to relocate from downtown Fort Myers to more spacious settings, setting the stage for a new era in the city’s retail landscape.

Opening and Initial Stores

Edison Mall officially opened its doors in 1965, introducing a new shopping experience to Fort Myers.

The mall’s initial anchors were Sears, JCPenney, and Maas Brothers, a Tampa-based department store.

These stores were strategically placed within the mall, with JCPenney and Sears at opposite ends, marking the first time in the U.S. that these retail giants were co-located in the same shopping center.

The Maas Brothers store, positioned in the middle, was notable for being their first in an enclosed mall setting.

The opening of these stores not only provided a diverse shopping experience but catalyzed further commercial development south of downtown Fort Myers.

Edison Mall interior
Edison Mall Interior” by Sanibel Sun is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Expansion and Growth

Edison Mall underwent several expansions and renovations to accommodate the growing needs of the Fort Myers community.

In 1977, the mall experienced a significant renovation, with expansions in the anchor stores. Sears doubled its size, while JCPenney added a second floor.

The mall’s first major expansion occurred in 1979 with the addition of Miami-based Burdines as a fourth anchor.

This expansion included new corridors connecting JCPenney to Burdines and Burdines to Maas Brothers.

The 1980s saw further growth with adding a fifth anchor, Robinson’s of Florida, later replaced by Maison Blanche and eventually Dillard’s in 1991.

These expansions increased the mall’s retail offerings and solidified its position as a premier shopping destination in Southwest Florida.

Architectural Features and Design

Unique Design Elements

Edison Mall’s architectural design is a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. The mall is primarily a single-floor structure, except its anchor stores – Dillard’s, JCPenney, and Macy’s locations – feature two floors.

This design provides easy navigation and accessibility for shoppers. The mall’s layout, with its wide corridors and spacious atriums, creates an inviting atmosphere that enhances the shopping experience.

Renovations and Modernization

Over the years, Edison Mall has undergone several renovations to keep up with modern trends and consumer expectations.

The most notable renovation occurred in 1977, which saw a comprehensive overhaul of the mall’s interior and exterior.

Another significant update was in 2005 when Simon Property Group announced a renovation introducing an outdoor lifestyle center wing, modernizing the mall’s appearance and offering an expanded range of shopping and dining options.

These renovations reflect the mall’s commitment to providing a contemporary, comfortable shopping environment.

Interior of the Edison Mall in the 1960s
https://www.floridamemory.com/items/show/158857, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Current Layout and Facilities

Today, Edison Mall boasts diverse facilities catering to many shoppers’ needs. The mall’s layout includes about 130 stores and services, offering everything from fashion and electronics to beauty and home goods.

A lifestyle center adds an outdoor dimension to the shopping experience, blending traditional mall elements with open-air accessibility.

This combination of indoor and outdoor spaces provides a unique shopping environment that appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers.

Anchor Stores and Their Evolution


JCPenney has been a cornerstone of Edison Mall since its inception. Opening its doors on March 17, 1966, the store marked a significant expansion for the JCPenney brand, which had been operating in downtown Fort Myers since 1934. The store’s evolution within the mall 

reflects its adaptability and commitment to serving the Fort Myers community.

Over the years, JCPenney has undergone several renovations, the most notable being the addition of a second floor in 1979, effectively expanding its retail space and offering its customers a wider range of products.


Dillard’s entry into Edison Mall is a strategic acquisition and expansion story. In August 1991, Dillard’s acquired the Edison Mall location of Maison Blanche and six other Gulf Coast locations.

This move expanded Dillard’s presence in Florida and brought a new dimension to the mall’s retail offerings.

Originally a Robinson’s of Florida before transitioning to Maison Blanche, the store was rebranded and remodeled as Dillard’s in 1999.

This renovation enhanced the store’s appeal, making it a key destination for fashion and home goods within the mall.

Edison Mall
Edison Mall” by Alan Phillpot is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Macy’s Dual Presence

Macy’s has a unique presence in Edison Mall, operating two distinct stores: Macy’s (Women’s) and Macy’s (Men’s, Children, Furniture & Home).

This dual presence began in 1991 when the two Florida-based anchors, Maas Brothers and Burdines, merged under the Burdines nameplate.

The former Maas Brothers store was rebranded as Burdines, focusing on women’s products, while the original Burdines location housed men’s, kids’, and home departments.

In 2004, as part of a brand merger, these stores were renamed Burdines-Macy’s, and by 2005, fully transitioned to Macy’s.

This dual-store format offers Macy’s a specialized and comprehensive shopping experience catering to diverse customer needs.

Recent Years at Edison Mall: A Period of Change and Adaptation

The last few years have been marked by significant change and adaptation for Edison Mall in Fort Myers, FL, marked by notable events and transformations.

2015, a pivotal change occurred when Sears Holdings spun off 235 of its properties, including the Sears store at Edison Mall, into Seritage Growth Properties.

This move was part of a broader strategy to revitalize and reposition these properties, reflecting the changing retail real estate landscape.

The mall continued to evolve with the opening of a new wing in late 2017. This addition, part of a $4 million renovation project, was a physical expansion and a strategic enhancement to improve the shopper experience.

By connecting two existing corridors, the new wing effectively shortened the distance between the two ends of the mall, making navigation easier and more convenient for visitors.

However, February 2, 2020, marked the end of an era for Edison Mall with the closure of its Sears store after 55 years of operation.

This event marked a notable moment in regional retail history, representing the final Sears location to cease operations in Southwest Florida.

This followed prior shutdowns of Sears stores at Coastland Center and the Port Charlotte Town Center in Naples and Port Charlotte.

In a turn of events reflective of the times, the former Sears location found a new purpose in early 2021.

In a collaborative effort, the Lee County Government and the Florida Department of Health temporarily transformed the space into a COVID-19 vaccination center.

This initiative was a part of the community’s response to the pandemic, showcasing the mall’s ability to adapt and serve the community in times of need.

Later, in 2021, the mall saw a temporary revival in retail activity, with Spirit Halloween occupying a former Love Culture store.

Christmas Tree Shops later replaced this seasonal store in November, although this was a transient presence as the store eventually closed.

The mall faced another challenge on June 12, 2022, when a water break forced its closure.

However, demonstrating resilience and efficient management, Edison Mall was able to reopen just a day later, minimizing disruption and maintaining its service to the Fort Myers community.

These recent years at Edison Mall highlight a transition period marked by challenges and opportunities.

The mall’s ability to adapt and reinvent itself through physical renovations or repurposing spaces for community use underscores its ongoing relevance and resilience in a rapidly evolving retail environment.

Edison Mall in 2023

The year 2023 has been eventful for Edison Mall in Fort Myers, FL, marked by significant developments that have impacted the mall and its surrounding community.

Completing the five-year U.S. 41 improvement project was one of the most notable events. This extensive construction effort, stretching from Edison Mall to Downtown Fort Myers, has been a major undertaking aimed at enhancing the infrastructure and accessibility of the area.

The project’s completion brings much-needed relief to residents and visitors alike, improving traffic flow and making access to Edison Mall more convenient and efficient. This development will positively impact the mall’s foot traffic and overall visitor experience.

In addition to infrastructure improvements, Edison Mall played a vital role in the local community’s shopping habits.

During the holiday season, the mall adjusted its hours to accommodate last-minute shoppers, staying open from 10 am to 6 pm on key shopping days.

This flexibility demonstrates the mall’s commitment to serving the needs of the Fort Myers community, especially during peak shopping periods.

These developments in 2023 highlight Edison Mall’s ongoing relevance and adaptability in a changing retail landscape.

The mall’s response to infrastructural changes and ability to cater to the community’s needs indicate its continued importance as a retail and social hub in Fort Myers.

Future Prospects and Challenges

Adapting to Changing Retail Landscape

Looking ahead, Edison Mall faces the challenge of adapting to the rapidly evolving retail landscape. The rise of e-commerce and changing consumer habits require the mall to innovate and reinvent its offerings continually.

This includes embracing new retail formats, enhancing customer experiences, and integrating technology to stay relevant in the competitive retail market.

Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability and innovation are key areas where Edison Mall can focus to ensure its future success. Implementing environmentally friendly practices, such as energy-efficient lighting and waste reduction measures, can position the mall as a leader in sustainable retail.

Additionally, embracing technological advancements, like augmented reality experiences and interactive digital directories, can enhance the shopping experience and attract tech-savvy consumers.

Predictions and Expectations

The future of Edison Mall is likely to be shaped by its ability to balance traditional retail with innovative concepts.

By offering a mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment, along with community-focused events and sustainable practices, Edison Mall can continue to be a prominent retail destination in Fort Myers.

The mall’s adaptability and responsiveness to market trends will be crucial in navigating the challenges ahead.


Reflecting on Edison Mall’s Journey

Edison Mall’s journey from its opening in 1965 to its current status as a key shopping destination in Fort Myers is a story of adaptation, growth, and resilience.

The mall has successfully navigated the changing retail landscape, evolving consumer preferences, and economic fluctuations.

Its ability to reinvent itself while maintaining its core identity as a community hub and cultural landmark is commendable.

Achievements and Challenges

The mall’s achievements in providing a diverse retail mix, hosting community events, and adapting to new challenges are noteworthy.

However, it continues to face the challenges of the digital age, competition from e-commerce, and the need for sustainable practices.

Looking to the Future

As Edison Mall looks to the future, its success will depend on its ability to innovate, embrace sustainability, and remain a central part of the Fort Myers community.

The mall’s journey is far from over, and its continued evolution will be watched with interest by those who see it as an integral part of the city’s fabric.

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