Indian Ridge Resort in Branson, MO: From $1.6 Billion Project to Purchase by Silver Dollar City

The Grand Vision of Indian Ridge Resort

In the mid-2000s, a grand dream was born on the shores of Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri. It was an ambitious vision, a project that would revolutionize the idea of luxury and entertainment in the region and beyond.

That project was the Indian Ridge Resort. Estimated to cost a whopping $1.6 billion, the development was poised to transform the landscape of Branson and take it to new heights.

Envisioned as a haven for luxury and relaxation, the Indian Ridge Resort was meticulously planned to cater to every need and whim of its guests and residents. In addition, the development was to house a shopping mall with high-end retail stores, offering a paradise for shopping enthusiasts.

A marina was to provide the perfect space for boating and water sports enthusiasts, while a golf course promised to be a delightful retreat for lovers of the sport.

Adding to the allure of the resort was a 390-room hotel designed to offer guests a stay replete with comfort and luxury. Plans also included a museum, serving as a cultural hotspot within the resort.

However, perhaps the most ambitious part of the project was the planned construction of the world’s second-largest indoor water park. This feature promised endless fun and excitement for families and kids.

The Fall of a Dream: The Abandonment of Indian Ridge Resort

The grand vision for the Indian Ridge Resort, however, was not destined to see the light of day. A mere two years after the project was announced, the world was hit by the 2008 Financial Crisis. The housing market crashed, leaving real estate projects across the country, including the Indian Ridge Resort, in limbo.

To add to the resort’s woes, legal troubles soon reared their ugly head. Companies involved in the project were found guilty of violating the Clean Water Act, a severe offense that further dampened the development prospects.

Conspiracies to commit bank fraud were also unearthed, tarnishing the reputation of the project and the people associated with it.

By 2009, the dream that was the Indian Ridge Resort was all but dead. Construction had ground to a halt, and the once bustling site with activity and promise was now a ghost town. Half-built structures stood as monuments to a failed dream, a stark reminder of the ambitious plans that once were.

Indian Ridge Resort Goes Viral: A TikTok Phenomenon

As the years passed, the abandoned Indian Ridge Resort was reclaimed by nature. Overgrown plants sprouted through the cracks of the half-built structures, and the once promising development site became an eerie ghost town.

But this ghost town found a new lease of life in an unexpected place: TikTok. A video tour of the deserted neighborhood struck a chord with the platform’s users. Theplatform’sowcasing decaying mansions amid a sea of overgrown vegetation quickly went viral, amassing nearly 14 million views.

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The Indian Ridge Resort was once again a topic of intrigue and fascination, albeit for entirely different reasons.

Rising from the Ashes: The Ridge at Table Rock Lake

In the aftermath of the failed project, new developers have seen an opportunity in the 810 acres of land. MD&D Investments LLC, represented by the Brookwood Group, acquired the property in 2012 from the original developer. The company has grand plans for the site, similar to those of the Indian Ridge Resort, with a project called The Ridge at Table Rock Lake​.

The new development plan included hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, commercial, and residential spaces. There were also plans for a resort on the southern side of the development along Table Rock Lake, Missouri. However, the timeline and total cost of the project were not determined as it relied on private investments.

Silver Dollar City and the Future of Indian Ridge Resort

The fate of the once-promising Indian Ridge Resort has taken a turn as the abandoned structures on the property have begun to be demolished. It follows the recent acquisition of the 800 acres property by Silver Dollar City, a popular 1880s-era theme park located nearby.

The demolition of the property’s resort remnants, which overlooks the Silver Dollar City theme park to the northwest, began in October 2022.

Silver Dollar City announced more than $30 million in investment in upcoming park enhancements on October 25, 2022. However, these enhancements, which will directly affect guests, employees, parking, and roadways, do not involve the newly purchased Indian Ridge property.

The future of the Indian Ridge Resort remains uncertain, as the new owners have yet to announce their plans for the site.

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  1. Avatar of Nae Nae
    Nae Nae

    from someone who was born and raised down there wharmt has happened to Branson period is a retirement community was gutted to make a suppised mini Nashville..ha contractors decended in Branson and through up buildings without bldg codes..inspection or concern for the community. that caused worjers to be place to burn down and people were living in tents and working for below minimum wage..this should have been a surprise to no one..absolutely expected

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. This transformation does sound drastic, and it’s sad to hear about the cases you’ve highlighted.

  2. Avatar of Tammy Putnam
    Tammy Putnam

    I have lived in the area for moat of my life and I’m 52 now and it is true. Another of homeless people in tents in woods and behind buildings. People asking for money just to use it on drugs and alcohol. They had no drive to do better and I assumed Branson was different cause I had never seen the truth about it til I lived there. I loved going there and living my summers out there then I started staying full time and I seen the real truth. Branson puts them in jail and wont help them yet they have the money to help and put toward theaters and housing for the rich. Trust me homelessness is a major problem.. it’s disgusting. people working for less than min wage at silver Dollar City and the whole town. everywhere there should be forced to pay min wage. .

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for expressing your feelings about the situation in Branson. Your personal experience and observations provide a unique perspective and shed light on the challenges faced by the community.

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