Things to Do in North Platte, Nebraska

Places to visit in North Platte, NE.

North Platte is a city in Lincoln County, Nebraska, located at the confluence of the South Platte and the North Platte Rivers. It is the county seat of the county. North Platte is an excellent place for outdoor activities and entertainment. There are several parks, museums, and other attractions.

The North Platte Railroad Museum is an excellent attraction for train lovers. During the summer months, the local farmers market is a hot spot. The Cedar Room, an American Fusion restaurant, is an excellent place to have a meal.

Things to Do in North Platte, Nebraska

Golden Spike Tower in North Platte

The Golden Spike Tower in North Platte, Nebraska, is an excellent stop along the I-80 highway. It is an eight-story observation tower that offers spectacular views of the Union Pacific Railroad’s Bailey Yard and the surrounding area.

Golden Spike Tower
Golden Spike Tower

One of the most notable features of the tower is the tower’s aforementioned open-air observation deck. As a result, you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area and rail cars.

The tower also includes two other observation levels and a gift shop. The Visitor Center, which is adjacent to the building, contains exhibits and memorabilia related to the Union Pacific Railroad. This includes a miniature train and a model of the yard.

Golden Spike Tower view
Golden Spike Tower view

Aside from the tower’s open-air observation deck, you can take in views of the Bailey Yard from an enclosed seventh-floor platform. The tower is also home to a unique gift shop with items for everyone, from tourists to railroad buffs.

Fort Cody Trading Post

Check out Fort Cody Trading Post if you’re looking for an excellent way to kill a day in North Platte. This little edifice is not just a novelty; it’s a landmark of sorts, one of the last of its kind still standing on the prairie.

Buffalo Bill Trading Post
Buffalo Bill Trading Post

If you’re into Western wear, you’ll find plenty of it at the Fort. It’s also home to several wacky wares, including an actual Annie Oakley gun and a display of Native American beadwork. There’s also an excellent museum, which you can explore if you’re so inclined.

On top of the usual tourist fare, the place has a small but well-stocked gift store that dispenses a little something for everyone. From old-time candy to the latest in Western apparel, you’ll find it here.

Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park

Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park is a historical park in North Platte, Nebraska. The park contains the remains of the legendary Wild West Show performer Buffalo Bill Cody. It also features a museum describing the life of the famous performer.

Buffalo Bill Ranch is a great place to visit if you love history. It is located just off Interstate 80 in western Nebraska.

Buffalo Bill Cody Scout's Rest Ranch - North Platte NE
Buffalo Bill Cody Scout’s Rest Ranch – North Platte, NE

Buffalo Bill Cody’s home is nearby and full of period-appropriate furnishings. His house was built in the Second Empire style and was visible from the railroad. In addition to his house, there are barns and a horse barn. There are also antique carriages and other memorabilia from the Wild West Show.

In addition to the ranch, the town of North Platte hosts some great attractions, such as the Fort Cody Trading Post. At this store, you can purchase authentic Native American jewelry and handicrafts.

Lincoln County Historical Museum

If you are a big fan of trains and history, you will probably like the Lincoln County Historical Museum. It’s got many historic buildings to look at and some of the most impressive displays on record. The museum is open to the public and easy to find.

Best tourist attractions in North Platte, Nebraska

This is one of the best places to visit on a sunny day. It is located at 2403 N Buffalo Bill Ave, North Platte, NE. You will find an excellent artifact collection and an exciting museum staff who are more than willing to share their knowledge. A nominal admission fee is charged.

Having visited countless museums over the past few decades, the Lincoln County Historical Museum stands out as a favorite. Despite its small size, it has an impressive collection of artifacts.

Lake Maloney

If you’re in the Nebraska area and love the outdoors, you should check out Lake Maloney. This lake is a popular spot for swimming, boating, and fishing. It has a surface area of over 1,600 acres. The water has a clear and shallow depth, so it’s a great place for an excellent day.

Places to go in North Platte, Nebraska

When visiting Lake Maloney, you may want to bring your gear for fishing. Most of the fishing is done from a boat or canoe. Fishing is allowed from sunrise to sundown.

If you’re looking to swim, you may need an approved life vest. It would help if you also were careful of other boats. Some areas of the lake have a lot of Spiney Moss, which can be painful to swim in.

Best Things to Do in North Platte, Nebraska

Places to visit in North Platte, NE:

  1. Golden Spike Tower in North Platte
  2. Fort Cody Trading Post
  3. Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park
  4. Lincoln County Historical Museum
  5. Lake Maloney
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