Things to Do in Jersey City, New Jersey

There are lots of things to do in Jersey City, New Jersey. This waterfront city is in upper New York Bay, northeastern New Jersey. It has panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Manhattan.

The city’s historic landmarks include the Jersey Theatre, where Bing Crosby performed. It also boasts the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Society Museum, which explores African American culture.

Jersey City is a diverse city with a vibrant, multicultural scene. Its waterfront offers beautiful views of the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay. There are many outdoor activities and dining options.

Best tourist attractions in Jersey City, New Jersey

Places to visit in Jersey City, NJ.

Jersey City is a vibrant and diverse city across the Hudson River from Manhattan. With its rich history, thriving arts scene, and scenic waterfront, Jersey City is an excellent destination for tourists and residents.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Jersey City, New Jersey:

  1. Liberty State Park is a beautiful and historic park that offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island.
  2. The Historic Paulus Hook District is a charming neighborhood home to some of the city’s oldest buildings, restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions.
  3. Liberty Science Center – A hands-on science museum that offers interactive exhibits, live demonstrations, and special events for visitors of all ages.
  1. The Grove Street Path Station is a transportation hub connecting Jersey City to Manhattan and other regional destinations.
  2. The Newport Green Park – A beautiful and spacious park that offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including a waterfront promenade, a children’s play area, and a picnic pavilion.

These are just a few places to visit in Jersey City, New Jersey. So why not plan a visit and experience all this vibrant and dynamic city has to offer?

Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park is a green oasis in the heart of metropolitan northern New Jersey. The park is a great place to have fun. In addition to the park, you can also visit the Liberty Landing Marina or take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty.

NJ - Jersey City: Liberty State Park - Morris Canal Little Basin
NJ – Jersey City: Liberty State Park – Morris Canal Little Basin

Liberty State Park is a popular New Jersey destination along the Hudson River. It attracts 5.1 million visitors every year. Many of them love to picnic and kick a ball around.

The park is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm. There is no admission fee. You can take the Light Rail or PATH subway to the park. In addition, a ferry from the World Financial Center in Manhattan to Liberty Landing Marina in the park is also available.

View of the Statue of Liberty from Liberty State Park.
View of the Statue of Liberty from Liberty State Park.

Liberty Science Center

The Liberty Science Center (LSC) in Jersey City, New Jersey, is a 300,000-square-foot science and learning center located in Liberty State Park. In addition, the Liberty Science Center has 12 exhibition halls, including the world’s largest planetarium.

In addition to its many exhibits, Liberty Science Center has a variety of events that are sure to please visitors of all ages. For example, LSC hosts an After Dark party with laser shows, drinks, and dancing each month. These fun events are geared toward teens and adults.

Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, New Jersey
Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, New Jersey

Guests can also take advantage of the Discovery World, a hands-on experience for kids of all ages. There are over 100 fascinating species of animals. The museum also features the giant IMAX dome screen in the Western Hemisphere.

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Empty Sky Memorial

The Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial in Jersey City is a homage to the 749 New Jersey residents who died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. It is located on the Hudson River opposite the One World Trade Center.

This memorial honors the memory of the New Jersey residents who died in the twin towers, the Pentagon, and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Names of those who perished are engraved on the two stainless steel walls.

Empty Sky: NJ 9/11 Memorial
Empty Sky: NJ 9/11 Memorial

In addition to the names, the Empty Sky memorial includes a granite pathway that leads visitors toward the former site of the Twin Towers. At night, the name of each victim is illuminated and serves as a memorial to the memory of those who perished.

Free parking is available at the empty sky memorial for up to two hours. For the best views, visit at sunrise or sunset. You can also take the Liberty Landing Ferry.

Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses Stanley Theater

Jehovah’s Witnesses have used the Assembly Hall of the Stanley Theater since 1985. The building was renovated and opened as a religious meeting place. This is the second-largest Atmospheric style theater in the U.S.A.

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (WTS) purchased the theater in 1983. A massive restoration project took place over nine months.

NJ - Jersey City: Stanley Theater
NJ – Jersey City: Stanley Theater

WTS needed a facility to hold assemblies. They met with city officials to discuss their plans. These meetings led to the purchase of the building. In 1983, Jehovah’s Witnesses began renovating the building.

When the building was restored, the acoustics and fine details were preserved. After the renovation, the theater hosted religious conferences, meetings, and performances in 13 languages.

Main Entrance Ceiling, Stanley Theatre
Main Entrance Ceiling, Stanley Theatre

The Stanley Theater is a legendary movie palace. It features an impressive crystal chandelier and a grand staircase. It was the second-largest theater on the East Coast. However, it closed in 1978 due to financial problems.

Colgate Clock

Colgate Clock is an octagonal clock located in Jersey City, New Jersey. It is one of the most famous and prominent landmarks in the city. This iconic landmark is seen from miles away and is ranked alongside the Statue of Liberty.

The Colgate Clock first stood on the roof of an eight-story warehouse. The clock was made of structural steel and was illuminated by 1,607 bulbs. After fifteen years, the clock was replaced with a larger one.

Jersey City Colgate Clock
Jersey City Colgate Clock

In the early 20th century, the Colgate-Palmolive Company outgrew its original facility. To accommodate this, a new building was constructed on the site.

At the time, the original clock was 38 feet tall and engraved with the name of the Colgate-Palmolive company and the words “Soaps-Perfumes.” Several modifications were made to keep the time accurate. One of these changes involved changing the counterweights.

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