Beachwood Place Mall: A Symphony of Shopping in Beachwood, OH

The Birth of Beachwood Place Mall

Beachwood Place Mall, a cornerstone in the retail landscape of Beachwood, Ohio, stands as a testament to visionary planning and strategic market positioning.

Developed by The Rouse Company, a name synonymous with innovative shopping centers, the mall was conceived as an upscale fashion hub tailored to the refined tastes of Cleveland’s affluent populace.

The inception phase was marked by extensive studies and meticulous planning, ensuring that every aspect of the mall resonated with elegance and exclusivity, from its architectural design to its tenant mix.

The grand opening of Beachwood Place in August 1978 was not merely the launch of another shopping center; it was the unveiling of a retail masterpiece. Initially anchored by Higbee’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, the mall introduced over 110 specialty shops, setting a new standard for shopping excellence in the region.

Saks Fifth Avenue became a beacon of high-end retail, marking its Ohio debut and drawing shoppers across the state. The mall’s design, characterized by its award-winning winding staircases, added an element of architectural intrigue, enhancing the shopping experience with its unique aesthetic appeal.

As Beachwood Place flourished, it gradually redefined the area’s retail dynamics. The mall’s success was evident as it began to attract a steady stream of visitors from neighboring communities.

This shift in shopping preferences was real, as customers increasingly chose the upscale environment of Beachwood Place over other retail destinations like Randall Park Mall and Severance Town Center.

The mall’s allure was further magnified by its strategic location, approximately 10 miles from downtown Cleveland, making it a convenient and preferred choice for shopping and leisure.

Beachwood Place emerged as a pivotal force in the retail sector, setting benchmarks in design, luxury, and customer experience, and continues to be one of the things to do in Cleveland, Ohio.

Expansion and Renovation Milestones

Beachwood Place’s journey through the years is marked by significant expansion and renovation milestones, reflecting its commitment to staying at the forefront of the retail industry.

The transformation began in 1992 when Higbee’s, one of the original anchors, transitioned into Dillard’s, introducing a new era of retail excellence.

This change was more than a rebranding; it signified the mall’s adaptability and continuous effort to align with its customers’ evolving preferences.

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The mid-1990s heralded a period of ambitious expansion for Beachwood Place. The mall sought to broaden its horizons and enhance its retail offerings.

However, this vision was met with challenges, as residents expressed concerns, fearing the impact of expansion on the community’s landscape and traffic. Despite these hurdles, the mall’s perseverance paid off.

After overcoming legal battles and community opposition, a significant expansion was unveiled with a grand reopening on September 18, 1997.

This expansion was not merely an addition of square footage but a strategic enhancement of the mall’s retail mix.

Synonymous with high-end retail, Nordstrom anchored the new 40-store wing, elevating the mall’s status as a premier shopping destination.

The expansion also saw the introduction of an Eddie Bauer flagship store and significant additions to Dillard’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, further diversifying the shopping experience.

The early 2000s marked another pivotal chapter in the mall’s history. In 2004, General Growth Properties acquired The Rouse Company, the original developer of Beachwood Place.

This change in ownership brought a fresh perspective and a renewed commitment to enhancing the mall’s ambiance and offerings.

A comprehensive remodeling initiative was launched, culminating in a transformed space by the 2007 Christmas season.

The renovation focused on integrating aesthetics with functionality, introducing enhanced landscaping and natural light to create a more inviting atmosphere.

The food court was relocated to the second floor, redefined by an infusion of natural light and expanded seating options, catering to shoppers’ social and culinary needs.

The Anchors of Beachwood Place: Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue

Beachwood Place’s reputation as a premier shopping destination is bolstered by its three anchor stores: Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Each anchor brings its unique brand of retail excellence, contributing to the mall’s diverse and upscale shopping experience.

Dillard’s, occupying a sprawling 247,000 square feet of retail space, is a testament to the evolution of department store shopping.

Transitioning from Higbee’s in 1992, Dillard’s has consistently offered various merchandise, ranging from fashionable apparel to home furnishings.

Known for its commitment to customer service and quality products, Dillard’s has become a go-to destination for shoppers seeking a comprehensive and refined shopping experience.

With its 215,000 square feet retail space, Nordstrom is synonymous with high-end fashion and impeccable customer service.

Since its introduction in the 1997 expansion, Nordstrom has played a pivotal role in elevating the mall’s status.

The store’s carefully curated selection of designer brands, coupled with its renowned personal shopping services, ensures a luxurious and personalized shopping experience.

Nordstrom’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its operations, making it a cornerstone of Beachwood Place’s retail offerings.

Saks Fifth Avenue, occupying 117,000 square feet, is a beacon of luxury retail. Housing luxury boutiques like Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, Saks offers an unrivaled selection of high-end fashion and accessories.

Since its opening in 1978, its presence in the mall has solidified Beachwood Place’s reputation as a destination for luxury shopping.

The store’s elegant ambiance and assortment of designer labels make Saks Fifth Avenue a key player in defining the upscale shopping experience at Beachwood Place.

Together, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue form the cornerstone of Beachwood Place.

Their combined offerings of high-quality products, customer-centric services, and luxurious environments contribute significantly to the mall’s allure, drawing shoppers from near and far.

The presence of these three anchor stores underscores Beachwood Place’s position as a top-tier shopping destination in Ohio.

A Wide Range of Retail Delights

Beachwood Place is not just a shopping destination; it’s a vibrant tapestry of retail offerings, each thread representing a unique brand or boutique, weaving an exquisite shopping experience together.

The mall’s spectrum of stores caters to a wide array of tastes and preferences, ensuring that every visitor’s shopping journey is fulfilling and memorable.

However, Beachwood Place’s allure extends beyond these bastions of luxury. The mall also features popular international brands that resonate with contemporary styles and trends.

With its finger firmly on the pulse of fashion, Zara offers trendy apparel that caters to the fashion-forward crowd. Kate Spade New York brings its signature charm and colorful aesthetic to the mall, presenting a delightful range of handbags, clothing, and accessories.

For beauty enthusiasts, M.A.C Cosmetics is a haven of high-quality makeup and skincare products, while Coach provides a selection of sophisticated leather goods that blend craftsmanship with modern design.

Tommy Bahama rounds out the offering with its island-inspired apparel and home décor range, perfect for those seeking tropical elegance.

The diversity of stores at Beachwood Place ensures that every visit is a new adventure.

Whether seeking the pinnacle of luxury, the latest fashion trends, or unique lifestyle products, the mall presents a curated selection of brands and boutiques, each contributing to the rich mosaic of retail delights.

This variety not only caters to shoppers’ discerning tastes but also cements Beachwood Place Mall’s status as a premier shopping destination, where diversity in retail is embraced and celebrated.

Culinary Journey through Beachwood Place

Beachwood Place offers not only a feast for the eyes with its array of retail stores but also a literal feast with its diverse culinary offerings.

The mall is a hotspot for food enthusiasts, offering a range of dining options that cater to every palate and preference, ensuring that a delightful gastronomic experience complements every visit.

For those searching for a quick and satisfying bite, Auntie Anne’s provides a warm, comforting embrace with freshly baked pretzels, a perfect treat during a busy shopping day.

Charleys Philly Steaks steps up the quick-service game with its mouthwatering selection of cheesesteaks, loaded with juicy meats and melted cheese, promising a hearty and flavorful meal on the go.

For visitors seeking a more refined dining experience, Cedar Creek Grille stands as a beacon of gourmet cuisine.

This upscale eatery offers a sophisticated menu featuring classic American dishes, each prepared with the utmost care and the finest ingredients.

The ambiance of Cedar Creek Grille, coupled with its impeccable service, makes it an ideal spot for a leisurely lunch or an elegant dinner, providing a tranquil retreat from the bustling mall environment.

The food court at Beachwood Place is a microcosm of the mall’s diversity, offering a mosaic of culinary choices.

The food court caters to a myriad of tastes and cravings, from the savory delights of Asian Chao Oriental Eatery to the indulgent sweetness of Cinnabon.

Health-conscious visitors can find solace in the wholesome offerings of Fresh Healthy Cafe. At the same time, those in search of comfort food can indulge in the classic American flavors of Hello Bistro.

For a taste of international cuisine, Ho Wah presents a selection of authentic Chinese dishes, and Nori Japan offers a glimpse into the flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Recent Developments and Community Engagement

Beachwood Place continues to evolve as a retail hub and a community focal point, adapting to the needs and feedback of its patrons and the broader community.

Recent developments at the mall underscore its commitment to safety, community engagement, and thoughtful expansion.

One significant development was the introduction of COhatch to the mall’s landscape. COhatch, a Columbus-based company, took over the spaces formerly occupied by Maggiano’s Little Italy and H&M.

The company transformed these spaces into a co-working and lifestyle facility, an initiative poised to revitalize the mall’s environment.

This ambitious project, which cost over $5 million, aimed to revitalize the mall and maintain its status as a premier retail and social hub in the area.

In November 2022, the Beachwood police inaugurated a field office within the mall in a significant move to enhance community relations and ensure the safety of visitors.

This strategic presence on the second floor, across from the food court, is a testament to the mall’s proactive approach to security. The presence of two stationed officers adds a layer of safety.

It fosters a sense of community, making the mall more than just a shopping destination but a space where public service and retail coalesce.

On December 31, 2023, the mall was the site of an unforeseen incident that tested the preparedness and response of its management and local emergency services.

The incident unfolded when a fire erupted in an electrical room near Saks Fifth Avenue, prompting immediate action.

The mall was swiftly evacuated as a precautionary measure, ensuring the safety of all patrons and staff.

The evacuation, executed efficiently by building security, was a testament to the mall’s well-structured emergency protocols.

The Beachwood police and firefighters confirmed no injuries, indicating the successful evacuation and emergency handling.


Beachwood Place Mall is a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of retail and leisure. Its enduring appeal as a premier shopping and dining destination is a product of its diverse array of stores and eateries. It reflects its ability to adapt and resonate with the changing times and tastes.

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