Things to Do in Newport, Oregon

Places to visit in Newport, OR.

If you plan to visit the coast, you may want to know about the great things to do in Newport, Oregon. This city is located on the central coast of Oregon and is a perfect location to experience the beauty of the ocean.

If you’re visiting Newport, Oregon, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. This city is an excellent mix of classic coastal charm and oddities. This quaint little town offers plenty of entertainment, from quirky museums to funky hotels.

Best tourist attractions in Newport, Oregon

Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area

Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area is a beautiful location on the Oregon Coast. This popular park offers fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean and is a great place to visit for whale watching.

The upper part of the park has excellent views of Gull Rock, a large offshore rock pinnacle. You can also hike to the Marine Gardens, a rocky cove with tide pools. In addition, you can rent a surfboard and a beginner’s lesson for a full day.

Devil's Punchbowl
Devil’s Punchbowl

The park is easy to get to. It’s located along Highway 101. A parking lot on the southern side of the road leads to a beach perfect for surfing and exploring. A cliff-edge walking path is also great for watching the waves.

To get to the Devil’s Punchbowl, you can drive a short distance south from Newport. However, if you want to explore the area more, you can stay overnight at Beverly Beach. Another great stop is at Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

The Devil's Punchbowl
The Devil’s Punchbowl

Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is one of the unique tourist attractions in Oregon. It’s an educational and fun destination that is a must for anyone who loves the ocean.

Located in Newport, Oregon, the aquarium focuses on rescuing marine life. In addition to providing a fascinating glimpse into the lives of these animals, the facility also plays a significant role in wildlife rehabilitation.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, OR
The Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, OR

Visitors can enjoy a variety of aquarium exhibits, from touch pools to interactive displays. Some more impressive collections include the Open Sea, which features sharks, anchovies, and bat rays.

Located on a 16-acre site along the central Oregon coast, the aquarium features an array of outdoor and indoor exhibits. Outdoor displays include sea lions, harbor seals, California sea lions, and giant Pacific octopuses.

South Beach State Park

South Beach is an Oregon State Park. It offers numerous activities, from horseback riding to a nine-hole disc golf course. There are also hiking trails and a paved jetty trail.

The state park was founded in 1930 but was expanded in the 1970s to include public access to the beach area. Today, more than three million visitors make their way to the 24-mile stretch of beach. During the summer months, the campground can get quite busy.

Jetties and South Beach State Park, Newport
Jetties and South Beach State Park, Newport

Aside from the campground, the South Beach State Park has several other exciting features. One is the Hospitality Center, which is stocked with game equipment, maps, and interpretive programs.

Another is the South Beach Day Use Trail, a paved trail one mile from the beach. This is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and surf.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse is a historic landmark that has served as an aid to navigation since 1873. Its tower is taller than all other lighthouses on the Oregon coast. In addition to guiding ships safely, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse has also been a popular tourist destination for many years.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Visitors can see the tall, sloping structure and its accompanying Interpretive Center. This facility includes exhibits on the lighthouse’s history and the wildlife that inhabits it. There is also a gift shop.

During the summer months, visitors can make reservations for tours. These include “quick look” tours just around the lighthouse’s base. They can also ascend to the top of the lighthouse on guided tours. A calendar of events has not been finalized, but limited tours have returned after a break for the past two years.

Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint

If you’re traveling to the Central Oregon coast, you’ll want to take the time to visit Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint. This is one of the most beautiful spots on the Oregon Coast. There’s a lot to see and do. You can go whale watching, enjoy the ocean views, or explore the beach.

Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint is located near Newport. It’s part of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The state park offers beautiful ocean views, and you can even find a gift shop.

Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint
Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint

Although there are many exciting things to do on the Oregon Coast, a trip to the Otter Crest Loop Road is also a great way to spend your time. The scenic drive winds through dense forests and narrow drop-offs. A secret pathway leads to a massive view of the ocean.

Otter Crest is a flat-topped rock that rises 453 feet above the tide. It’s part of a rocky shoreline that once was home to sea otters. Today, it is inhabited by seals and sea lions.

Otter Crest
Otter Crest

The Otter Crest Loop is a scenic route that connects Newport to Depoe Bay. This two-mile loop offers many unique viewpoints. You will see grassy greens and blackened basalt towers.

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