Shops at Rivercenter Mall in San Antonio, TX: A Symphony of Sights, Sounds, and Flavors

The Shops at Rivercenter: Where Past Meets Present

The Shops at Rivercenter, known initially as Rivercenter Mall, debuted in 1988. Developed by the Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation, the mall quickly became a focal point in downtown San Antonio, TX. It initially featured San Antonio’s first Lord & Taylor department store and an IMAX theater, setting the stage for a new era of retail and entertainment in the city.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the mall’s history is its relationship with the landmark 1871 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. When the original developers, Joske’s Department Store, approached the church in 1945, the church declined to sell its property. As a result, the mall was constructed around this historical monument, integrating it into its architectural design.

The mall has undergone several transformations since its inception. In 2016, it was renamed from Rivercenter Mall to Shops at Rivercenter. This change coincided with adding a new modern wing featuring notable tenants like H&M, Dave & Buster, Starbucks, and Johnny Rockets.

The Architectural Marvel

Sprawling over 1.06 million square feet, the Shops at Rivercenter is an architectural wonder with four floors of retail space. But what sets it apart is the river level along the famous San Antonio River Walk. This unique feature allows visitors to enjoy shopping and dining near the river’s natural beauty.

The mall’s architecture also pays homage to history. The landmark St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, built in 1871, is encased within the mall’s structure. This integration of old and new creates a unique atmosphere, blending the energy of downtown San Antonio with the tranquility of historical landmarks.

The mall’s layout is designed for convenience, with anchor stores strategically placed to draw foot traffic through the smaller shops. As of 2023, the anchor stores include H&M and AMC Theatres, following the closure of Macy’s in April 2021. The departure of Macy’s marked the end of an era and opened doors for new opportunities.

The mall also features a retail atrium, part of the massive flagship store that was initially Joske’s Department Store. This space has been divided into lease spaces for various retailers, including an AMC movie theater.

The Retail Landscape

The Shops at Rivercenter is home to a diverse range of over 80 stores and services, offering a shopping experience that caters to various tastes and preferences. The mall provides a comprehensive retail environment, from fashion-forward outlets like AEROPOSTALE and American Eagle Outfitters to specialty stores like Build-A-Bear Workshop and EarthBound Traders.

In addition to mainstream retail stores, the mall features several unique outlets that set it apart from typical shopping centers. For instance, Texas Currency Exchange offers a convenient service for tourists, while Texas Jakes and Wandering Cowboys provide a taste of local culture. These specialized stores add a unique flavor to the mall, elevating it beyond a mere shopping destination.

The retail landscape at the Shops at Rivercenter is dynamic, constantly adapting to consumer trends and preferences. New stores frequently debut, adding to the mall’s diverse tenant mix. These include recent additions like Urban Bricks Kitchen, a fast-casual restaurant, and Pokemania, a store dedicated to Pokémon. These new tenants reflect the mall’s commitment to offering its visitors a wide range of options.

Entertainment and Dining

Regarding entertainment and dining, the Shops at Rivercenter leave no stone unturned. The mall is home to 14 full-service restaurants, offering a range of cuisines to satisfy every palate. From the sizzling steaks at Morton’s Steakhouse to the casual atmosphere at Hooters, there’s something for everyone.

Foodies will find the mall a paradise, with 14 full-service restaurants and 20 quick-bite options. From the exotic flavors at Fogo De Chao to the casual vibes at Chipotle, the mall caters to diverse culinary tastes. And let’s not forget the sweet treats at Great American Cookies and Marble Slab Creamery that add a delightful finishing touch to any meal.

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For those interested in entertainment, the mall doesn’t disappoint. It houses AMC 11 and AMC ALAMO IMAX, offering movie-goers various options. Dino Safari, an interactive experience, adds another layer of excitement, especially for families with children. The mall also features unique attractions like the LiggettVille Ropes Course and Legoland Discovery Center, providing fun experiences for visitors of all ages.

The mall’s location along the River Walk adds another layer to its entertainment offerings. The GoRio River Boat Tour offers a unique way to explore San Antonio, while the waterfront dining options provide a romantic setting for couples and a relaxing atmosphere for families. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder the mall is considered a premier entertainment destination.

The Shops at Rivercenter were built around St. Joseph Catholic Church.
The Shops at Rivercenter were built around St. Joseph Catholic Church Clipper471 at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The River Walk Connection

The Shops at Rivercenter enjoys a strategic location along the San Antonio River Walk, one of the city’s most iconic attractions. This positioning enhances the mall’s appeal and serves as a gateway to the River Walk, drawing in locals and tourists.

The mall’s waterfront dining options offer a unique experience, allowing visitors to enjoy their meals with a view. Restaurants like Margaritaville and Landshark Bar & Grill provide the perfect setting for a leisurely lunch or a romantic dinner, all while overlooking the scenic river.

In addition to dining, the mall offers entertainment options that make the most of its River Walk location. For instance, the GoRio River Boat Tour provides a unique perspective of San Antonio, allowing visitors to explore the city from the water. This tour is trendy during the holiday season, when the River Walk is adorned with lights and decorations.

The River Walk is a tourist attraction and part of San Antonio’s cultural fabric. The mall’s location in the heart of this vibrant area makes it a central part of community events and celebrations. From the annual River Walk Parade to seasonal festivals, the mall is often at the center of the action, making it a must-visit destination year-round.

Amenities and Conveniences

Convenience is an essential factor that sets the Shops at Rivercenter apart from other malls. The property offers a range of group amenities, including tour bus parking and group performance scheduling. These features make it an ideal destination for school trips, corporate outings, and large family gatherings.

The mall offers a Badge Discount Program for those attending conventions in San Antonio. This program discounts restaurants and nightlife venues, adding extra convenience for convention-goers. With over 5,500 hotel rooms within 2.5 blocks of the mall, including a 1,001-room Marriott connected to the property, staying near the action has never been easier.

The mall also offers amenities that cater to the needs of business travelers and event planners. With waterfront private event spaces and one of the top 10 convention centers in the nation, the mall is well-equipped to host various events. Personal riverboat dining options are unique to corporate gatherings and special occasions.

In terms of accessibility, the mall is conveniently located within a mile of several key attractions. These include the San Antonio Convention Center, Tower of the Americas (the tallest building in San Antonio), Hemisfair Park, and the Alamodome. This proximity to major landmarks makes the mall a central hub for leisure and business activities.

What’s New and Upcoming

In a move to stay current and vibrant, the Shops at Rivercenter introduced a Concert Series that began on April 1, 2023. Every Saturday until the end of August 2023, the mall featured an emerging artist. This initiative aimed to offer a platform for local talent and enrich the mall’s entertainment options.

The mall is also home to several new attractions that have recently opened. These include the LiggettVille Ropes Course, Legoland Discovery Center, and Dino Safari. These additions diversify the mall’s entertainment options and make it a more family-friendly destination.

In terms of retail, several new stores have made their debut, adding to the mall’s diverse tenant mix. These include Urban Bricks Kitchen, a fast-casual restaurant offering customizable pizzas, and Pokemania, a store dedicated to Pokémon. These new tenants reflect the mall’s commitment to providing its visitors with various options.

Looking ahead, the mall has plans to continue evolving to meet the needs of modern consumers. While specific details are yet to be announced, one can expect more experiential retail concepts and innovative dining options. The mall’s adaptability and willingness to embrace change ensure that it will continue to be a premier shopping and entertainment destination for years.


The Shops at Rivercenter is a vibrant reflection of San Antonio’s diverse culture and dynamic way of life. With its eclectic mix of retail, dining, and entertainment options, the mall has become an essential stop for locals and visitors. Its prime location along the River Walk further enhances its allure, linking it directly to the city’s pulse.

The mall’s rich history and architectural marvels add depth to its modern offerings. From the landmark St. Joseph’s Catholic Church to the state-of-the-art AMC Theatres, the mall blends the old and the new. Its wide range of amenities and conveniences make it an ideal destination for all visitors, from families and foodies to business travelers and convention-goers.

As the mall continues to evolve, it remains committed to offering visitors a diverse and enriching experience. With new attractions and upcoming events, the Shops at Rivercenter is poised for an exciting future. It is a testament to San Antonio’s growth and ever-changing retail landscape.

In summary, the Shops at Rivercenter is integral to San Antonio’s community and culture. Its diverse offerings and strategic location make it a must-visit, whether you’re a local looking for a day out or a tourist exploring the city. With its rich history and promising future, the Shops at Rivercenter continues to shine in San Antonio’s retail and entertainment scene.

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