Things to do in Shawnee, Kansas

Discovering the Exciting Things to Do in Shawnee, Kansas

Shawnee, Kansas, is a great place to visit for those looking to explore the Midwest. In Johnson County, Shawnee offers a variety of activities and attractions that will appeal to everyone. From outdoor recreation and shopping to historical sites and cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone in Shawnee.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Shawnee has plenty of options available. The city boasts several parks with trails for hiking or biking, playgrounds, picnic areas, and other recreational facilities. There are also two lakes within the city limits – Shawnee Mission Lake and Lake Quivira – where visitors can go fishing or participate in water sports such as kayaking or canoeing.

Things to do in Shawnee, Kansas

Several museums and art galleries throughout town showcase regional history and artwork created by local artists. So no matter what kind of experience you’re seeking while visiting Shawnee, this vibrant city has something special waiting around every corner.

Why is Shawnee, Kansas, a great place to visit?

Shawnee, Kansas, is a great place to visit for those exploring the Midwest. From outdoor recreation and shopping to historical sites and cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone in Shawnee. Here are some of the top things you can do while visiting:

  • Explore parks with trails for hiking or biking
  • Fishing or water sports at Shawnee Mission Lake or Lake Quivira
  • Visit museums and art galleries showcasing regional history and artwork created by local artists
Caenen Castle
Caenen Castle” by ChrisM70 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Shawnee Town 1929 Museum

Shawnee Town 1929 Museum is a museum located in Shawnee, Kansas. The museum is dedicated to preserving the town’s history and its people from the 1920s and 1930s. Visitors can explore historic buildings, including a general store, schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, barns, and homes. In addition, visitors can experience life during this time through interactive exhibits and activities such as wagon rides.

In addition to exploring historic buildings at Shawnee Town 1929 Museum, visitors can also learn about local culture through educational programming offered by the museum staff. Programs include lectures on local farming techniques used during this era and hands-on activities for children, such as making butter or churning ice cream. Other programs offer insight into traditional crafts like quilting or basket weaving that were popular in the area during this time.

Things to do in Shawnee, Kansas

For those looking for a more immersive experience of life in Shawnee during the 20th century, there are several special events hosted throughout the year at Shawnee Town 1929 Museum. These events range from holiday celebrations to reenactments of historical moments in town over 80 years ago. With each event comes an opportunity to step back in time and understand how life was lived then compared to today’s modern world.

Black Hoof Park

Black Hoof Park is a park located in Lenexa, Kansas. The park is named after the Shawnee chief who lived in the area and was known for his peaceful nature and diplomatic skills. The park features several outdoor activities, such as walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and an outdoor amphitheater where visitors can enjoy live performances.

In addition to its recreational offerings, Black Hoof Park has educational opportunities for those interested in learning more about local history and culture. Visitors can participate in guided park tours, highlighting points of interest, such as historical monuments or native plants found throughout the grounds. There are also interactive displays inside the visitor center that provide information on topics like Native American tribes that once inhabited this region or how settlers shaped what we know as Shawnee today.

Special events are hosted at the location throughout the year for those looking to make their visit to Black Hoof Park even more memorable. These events range from family-friendly movie screenings under the stars to evening concerts featuring local performers with genres ranging from jazz to country music. With each event comes an opportunity for visitors to experience something unique while enjoying all these beautiful park offers.

The Theatre in the Park

The Theatre in the Park is a nonprofit organization in Shawnee, Kansas. Founded in 1970 by residents, this theater has provided quality live theater to the community for over 40 years. The Theatre in the Park aims to provide “the highest standard of professional theatrical entertainment and educational programs” for all ages.

At The Theatre in the Park, patrons can enjoy a variety of performances throughout the year, including musicals, comedies, dramas, and family-friendly shows. Each season features five mainstage productions performed outdoors at Shawnee Mission Park’s Theater In The Park amphitheater from May through October and several other special events such as children’s theatre classes and workshops. Additionally, they offer an array of outreach programs designed to introduce young audiences to theatre arts while giving back to their community through free or reduced ticket prices for students and military personnel.

Best places to visit in Shawnee, Kansas

The Theatre in the Park strives to entertain and educate its audience with high-quality performances that explore different cultures worldwide and bring awareness about social issues affecting our society today. They have won numerous awards over their long history, including multiple awards from Broadway World Kansas City Awards and KCACTF Region 5 Awards since 2018 alone! With their commitment to excellence on stage and dedication towards educating future generations about theatre arts, it’s no wonder The Theatre In The Park continues to be one of Shawnee’s most beloved cultural institutions!

Shawnee Indian Mission State Historic Site

The Shawnee Indian Mission State Historic Site is a historical place located in Fairway, Kansas. Established in 1839, the mission was initially founded to provide religious instruction and education for Native Americans in the area. The site served as an essential meeting point between two cultures during this time and played a significant role in the early history of Kansas.

Today, visitors can explore the grounds at leisure and learn about its rich history through interactive exhibits inside the museum building. They will discover artifacts related to Native American cultures, such as pottery, tools, weapons, and clothing, as well as items from early settlers like furniture, toys, and more!

The Shawnee Indian Mission State Historic Site also offers various events throughout the year, including powwows which celebrate traditional Native American music and dance; living history days, where costumed interpreters recreate life at the mission during its heyday; plus many other special programs designed to educate visitors about local heritage.

Shawnee Mission Park Beach

Shawnee Mission Park Beach is a famous beach located in Shawnee, Kansas. Located on the shores of Shawnee Mission Lake, the park offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy. The beach features a large swimming area with sandy beaches and shallow waters perfect for swimming and playing in the sun. In addition, boat rentals, kayaking, and canoeing opportunities are available for those looking to explore further.

Places to go in Shawnee, Kansas

The park also offers plenty of picnic areas with grills for families to enjoy an outdoor meal together. Several playgrounds are located throughout the park, providing children with hours of fun in the sun. Nature lovers can take advantage of miles of trails around the lake to observe wildlife and take in some breathtaking views from atop hills or along shorelines.

For those looking for even more ways to cool off during hot summer days, Shawnee Mission Park Beach has its concession stand. Visitors can purchase ice cream cones or cold drinks while enjoying this beautiful beach location. With so much to do here, it’s no wonder why Shawnee Mission Park Beach is one of Kansas’ most popular destinations!

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    Shawnee is getting to be a mass wreck. You are inviting too many people to live in the area and are talking away the neighborly feel. All these new apartments are a travesty to our way of life. It will get so crowded everywhere.

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      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the growth and development in Shawnee, Kansas. It’s true that with increased population and new construction comes a change in the character and feel of a community.

      However, it’s also essential to consider the benefits of growth and development. New people come with new ideas, businesses, economic growth, and prosperity opportunities. Additionally, as the population grows, it can create a more vibrant and diverse community.

      It’s also worth noting that development can be managed in a way that preserves the character and charm of a community. In any case, residents need to stay engaged and involved in the development process to ensure that the changes taking place are in the best interest of the community as a whole.

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