Tiedemann House Beckons: Unearth Franklin Castle’s Mysteries in Cleveland, OH

The Majestic Edifice of Ohio City

Nestled in the heart of Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, the imposing Franklin Castle is a testament to the bygone era of Victorian grandeur.

Constructed in the distinct American Queen Anne style, the architectural marvel of Cudell & Richardson towers over 4308 Franklin Boulevard.

Its four-story structure houses over twenty rooms and eighty windows, a manifestation of the late nineteenth-century prestige that once graced the street it resides on.

Constructed between 1881 and 1883, the house was commissioned by Hannes Tiedemann, a prosperous German immigrant. Tiedemann’s wealth, however, didn’t shield him from tragedy.

Within the castle walls, the Tiedemann family endured a series of heartbreaking losses, starting with the death of his fifteen-year-old daughter Emma due to diabetes, followed by the demise of his mother, Wiebeka.

Over the next three years, three more Tiedemann children met untimely deaths, stirring whispers of sinister happenings within the regal house.

An Architectural Fortress: The Castle’s Distinct Features

To distract his grieving wife, Louise, Tiedemann embarked on extensive construction projects within the house.

These modifications added a ballroom on the fourth floor that spanned the length of the house and various architectural enhancements like turrets and gargoyles.

These additions accentuated the castle-like appearance of the house and contributed to the building’s distinct character.

Rumors circulated about the castle’s hidden rooms and secret passageways, supposedly used for bootlegging during the Prohibition era.

While these whispers add to the intrigue of the house, the only confirmed hidden path is a small staircase the servant uses to move from the kitchen to the front door.

A Haunting Reputation

The Franklin Castle has earned its reputation as Ohio‘s most haunted house, which has intrigued and terrified visitors.

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From 1921 to 1968, the house was a residence for various German and cultural organizations.

Then, in January 1968, James Romano and his family moved in and soon reported several encounters with ghosts.

The family even resorted to exorcisms and engaged the Northeast Ohio Psychical Research Society to investigate the eerie occurrences.

The house has changed hands numerous times over the years, each new owner adding to the complex tapestry of its history.

Notably, in 1984, Michael DeVinko, Judy Garland’s last husband, purchased the castle and spent nearly one million dollars on renovations over the next ten years.

Despite his efforts, DeVinko put the house up for sale in 1994.

Franklin Castle Cleveland
Franklin Castle” by nick.amoscato is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Recent Years: A Resurgence of the Castle’s Grandeur

The turn of the millennium saw Franklin Castle under the ownership of Michelle Heimburger, who purchased the property using her Yahoo! stock windfall.

Despite her plans to restore the castle to its former glory, a fire in 1999 severely damaged the property.

The castle stood empty until 2004 when rumors emerged of its transformation into the Franklin Castle Club.

Despite these plans proving to be a sham, the exterior stone of the castle was cleaned, and the parapet was rebuilt according to the 18th-century design.

In 2011, European tapestry artist Chiara Dona Dalle purchased the castle and embarked on several years of historic renovations.

The castle offers single-night accommodations as of December 24, 2022, inviting guests to experience its landmark charm firsthand.

Hannes Tiedemann House
Hannes Tiedemann House” by Cricchetti is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

With its blend of architectural grandeur and chilling lore, Franklin Castle has always been a magnet for storytellers.

Its eerie allure has made it a favorite among television producers, with the castle featured in several reality TV series that explore paranormal phenomena.

In 2016, Franklin Castle was in the spotlight of an episode in the reality TV series “Paranormal Lockdown.”

The show, which locks its hosts in a reportedly haunted location for 72 hours, saw its paranormal investigators Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman explore the castle’s ominous corners, searching for evidence of the supernatural.

The episode amplified the castle’s reputation as a haunted house, with the investigation uncovering unsettling phenomena that left viewers on edge.

Four years later, in 2020, the castle was again thrust into the limelight with its feature on Season 19 of “Ghost Adventures.”

The Travel Channel’s hit show is known for its exciting and sometimes bone-chilling investigations into haunted locations worldwide.

As the Ghost Adventures team descended on Franklin Castle, they sought to unravel the mysteries within its stone walls.

The episode brought the castle’s haunting history to an audience of millions, further cementing its status in popular culture.

Later that same year, Franklin Castle’s chilling tales found their way onto another Travel Channel show – “The Holzer Files.”

This series revisits investigations of the legendary ghost hunter Hans Holzer, with a team digging into the original case files and using modern technology to re-examine old evidence.

Franklin Castle’s feature on the show brought forth a new perspective on the castle’s paranormal happenings, intriguing audiences with a mix of historical records and modern-day investigation techniques.

Franklin Castle’s presence in popular culture extends beyond television. The castle’s haunting tales have inspired many books, blog posts, podcasts, and social media content.

The stories of its original occupants, the Tiedemann family, the rumors of hidden rooms and secret passages, and the sightings of apparitions have captivated the imagination of countless individuals.

Whether these accounts have a basis in reality or are simply the product of imaginative storytelling, one thing is sure:

With its tragic history and architectural splendor, Franklin Castle fascinates audiences worldwide.

Year Show
2016 Paranormal Lockdown
2020 Ghost Adventures
2020 The Holzer Files

Timeline of Franklin Castle

Year Event
1881-1883 House construction for Hannes Tiedemann
1921-1968 The house serves as a residence for various organizations
1968 James Romano and his family move in
1984 Michael DeVinko purchases and renovates the castle
1999 Michelle Heimburger purchases the castle
2011 Chiara Dona Dalle purchases and renovates the castle
2022 Single-night accommodations start

The Evolving Legacy of Franklin Castle: Beyond History

As the clock ticks towards a new era, Franklin Castle in Cleveland, OH, transcends its historical boundaries, evolving into a unique intersection of the past and the present.

This transformation is about preserving what was and reimagining what could be.

Today, the castle is a monument to its storied past and a living, breathing entity, offering experiences that blend historical intrigue with contemporary curiosity.

The recent introduction of overnight stays at Franklin Castle marks a significant shift in its legacy.

Each room, named after members of the Tiedemann family, offers guests more than just a place to rest; it’s an invitation to step into a different time, to live a night within the walls that have witnessed over a century of stories.

These stays, ranging in theme and price, provide an immersive experience of the castle’s mysterious ambiance.

The air within these rooms whispers tales of yore while guests pen down their nocturnal experiences, contributing to the ongoing narrative of the castle.

Moreover, Franklin Castle has embraced its reputation as a hub of paranormal activity by offering “The Mysterium Tour.”

These guided tours delve into the legends that shroud the castle, from unexplained cries to spectral sightings.

As night falls, the castle’s corridors and hidden rooms come alive with stories of the past, offering a spine-tingling journey to those brave enough to explore its secrets.

The tour is more than just a walk through an old building; it’s an exploration of the unknown, a challenge to the brave, and a nod to the curious.

This chapter in Franklin Castle’s life is about more than preserving bricks and mortar; it’s about keeping the spirit of the place alive.

Each new venture, whether overnight stays or paranormal tours, adds a layer to the castle’s evolving story.

These experiences are not just about looking back with nostalgia but about moving forward with an appreciation for the mysteries and wonders of such historic places.

In doing so, Franklin Castle continues to captivate the imagination of visitors from near and far. It stands as a testament to Cleveland’s rich history and the power of stories and legends in keeping the past alive in the present.

In this new chapter, the castle is not just a relic of the past; it’s a living, evolving character in Cleveland’s narrative, beckoning the adventurous to uncover its secrets and add their stories to its enduring legacy.


Today, Franklin Castle is an iconic symbol of Cleveland’s history, its haunting reputation adding a layer of intrigue to its architectural beauty.

Whether you’re a resident relishing the nostalgia it evokes or a visitor drawn to its enigmatic charm, the castle offers a journey through time, from the tragedy-ridden era of the Tiedemann family to its resurgence as a historic dwelling.

As you walk through its stately halls, remember that every stone has a story to tell in the ever-unfolding tale of Franklin Castle.

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