Things to Do in Edmond, Oklahoma

The city of Edmond is the quintessential Midwestern community, with plenty of parks and green space tucked away in its quiet neighborhoods. In this article, we’ve assembled a few ideas for things to do in Edmond. So whether you’re an out-of-town visitor or a local looking for something fun to do on the weekend, this article provides you with some great ideas.

What to do in Edmond, Oklahoma

E.C. Hafer Park

Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, E.C. Hafer Park is one of the city’s best parks to hit the green. The park features many notable attractions, from a fountain duck pond to a theater stage. There are also several playgrounds, a splash pad, and two lighted softball fields. It’s not too crowded and a fun place to visit.

Hafer Park Best places to visit in Edmond
Hafer Park Best places to visit in Edmond

The park has more than a dozen acres of land with several features. It’s the first of its kind in Edmond and has been a long time coming. This includes a 52-foot steel Spring Creek bridge and a well-paved hiking trail. The park also has a small fishing pond and some playgrounds. The most recent addition is a small cement tower with some climbing-oriented games.

Arcadia Round Barn

Located along old Route 66, the Arcadia Round Barn is a landmark and a popular destination in Edmond, Oklahoma. It’s also a great way to learn more about Oklahoma’s agriculture and history.

The Round Barn stands out with its unique red color and silhouette. It’s also one of the most photographed sites on Route 66. It was built in 1898 by local farmer William Harrison Odor.

Arcadia Round Barn Places to go in Edmond
Arcadia Round Barn Places to go in Edmond.

The round barn originally housed livestock and grain. In addition, the barn was a gathering place for the local community. It became a popular rallying point when Arcadia prospered in the early 20th century.

The round barn was renovated in the late 1980s after a major roof collapse. It took four years and $65,000 to restore the barn.

OK County 66 – John’s Place

Located on Route 66 in Arcadia, OK County 66 – John’s Place offers replicas of Route 66 attractions. It features a replica diner, a Wigwam motel room, a miniature Blue Whale, and even a VW Beet buried in the ground. The restaurant can accommodate 50-100 people, and the movie screen is a drive-in. It also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The museum is a celebration of Route 66’s attractions. The OK County 66 – John’s Place is at 13441 E Old Hwy 66, Arcadia. It has an excellent collection of vintage cars and gas pumps. It also has sections dedicated to Native American tribes and the Civil War.

Best tourist attractions in Edmond

The Edmond Route 66 Celebration takes place each Fourth of July. It includes a car show, fireworks, and a parade. There’s also a kite fest, a rodeo, and a road rally. This event attracts over 125,000 visitors every year.

Arcadia Lake

In Edmond, Oklahoma, Arcadia Lake is a 1,820-acre reservoir impounds water from the Deep Fork River. It is a great recreational area for swimming, fishing, and boating. Several campgrounds are located on the lake, as well. The lake also has three boat docks.

The Arcadia Lake Trail is a 12-mile-long route that follows the lake’s creek. It is open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week. Many smaller trails lead off of the main trail.

Arcadia Lake Things to do in Edmond
Arcadia Lake Things to do in Edmond

Arcadia Lake is a popular summer destination for sailing and paddle boarding. These two activities are growing in popularity every year.

The City of Edmond has begun making plans for a significant lake renovation. With the help of ARPA funds, the city plans to improve the infrastructure on the lake.

Edmond History Museum

Located in the former armory of the 45th Division of the Oklahoma National Guard, the Edmond History Museum is where visitors can learn about the city’s history. In addition, the museum offers a variety of exhibits and community events.

The museum features many pioneer and business exhibits, but it also includes educational exhibits and seasonal displays. The Edmond Museum also features a special children’s section. There, you’ll find craft projects and games. There’s also a gift shop. It’s filled with books by local authors and Oklahoma souvenirs.

Edmond History Museum Places to visit in Edmond.
Edmond History Museum Places to visit in Edmond

The museum also hosts special events. One of the most recent was a Living History 1940s dance. The museum is also preparing for a fall celebration of Route 66. However, it’s unclear how the museum will relate the events of World War II to the city of Edmond.

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