Things to Do in Lawton, Oklahoma

Lawton, Oklahoma, might be little-known to those outside the state, but this city offers a lot for visitors and residents alike. There’s no shortage of things to do in Lawton, and we hope this list will help you plan your next visit to this unique city. If you like exploring the outdoors, Oklahoma has plenty of activities and sights to keep you busy. Hiking through the woods, biking along trails, and fishing on a riverbank are just a few options in Lawton. The city also has historic buildings, dining options, and plenty of shopping – something for everyone.

What to do in Lawton, Oklahoma

Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center

Located in Lawton, Oklahoma, the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center offers visitors a glimpse into the culture of the Comanche Indians. In addition to providing a variety of exhibits and artifacts, the center also includes programs and historical information.

The museum is home to the Egli Collection, an extensive collection of Comanche art, and the Fort Sill Indian School. In addition to these, the museum features interactive displays, exhibits of historical artifacts, and a gift shop. In addition, the center hosts national traveling exhibitions, such as those held by the Smithsonian Institute and the Field Museum.

Lone Buffalo outside the Comanche National Museum and Culture Center - Best places to visit in Lawton
Lone Buffalo outside the Comanche National Museum and Culture Center – Best places to visit in Lawton

The Comanche Nation began discussing creating a tribal museum 20 years ago. The museum opened its doors in 2007. The tribe’s gaming revenue funds the museum.

Museum of the Great Plains

Located in Lawton, Oklahoma, the Museum of the Great Plains is a regional history museum. It features several educational programs and exhibits that showcase the cultural and natural history of the Great Plains. It is one of five partner museums in the Oklahoma Museum Network. It has been accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and was the first museum in Oklahoma to receive that status.

The Museum of the Great Plains is located in Elmer Thomas Park at 601 Northwest Ferris Avenue. The building was originally the site of a trading post that served the Red River region. The museum was opened in 1961 and partially funded by the McMahon Foundation.

Places to visit in Lawton Museum of the Great Plains Display
Places to visit in Lawton Museum of the Great Plains Display

The museum has a collection of art, archeology, and farm machinery. It also hosts a variety of activities and events to engage visitors. Some of the most popular programs include the twice-yearly encampment of 1830s trappers and the Domebo Dig Sit. The museum is dedicated to the preservation, interpretation, and exhibition of items and the science, technology, and art of the Great Plains.

Elmer Thomas Park

Besides its many amenities, Elmer Thomas Park hosts several notable events throughout the year. For example, the city’s new 125-seat outdoor stage has become a gathering place for civic organizations, bands, and theater groups.

During the winter, the park’s ice rink beckons local hockey fans to warm up their shins and rink up for some friendly competition. In addition, Elmer Thomas Park also has a softball field, Prairie Dog tunnels, and the largest lake in the state.

Best tourist attractions in Lawton Elmer Thomas Park
Best tourist attractions in Lawton Elmer Thomas Park

The park is also home to the most important Christmas tree in town. The city’s largest holiday celebration is the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, which draws crowds from all over town. While the event may be a bit old-fashioned, the decorations are still spruced up, and the holiday spirit is evident in the air.

Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation

Located just outside Fort Sill on the Wichita Mountains, Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation in Lawton, Oklahoma, offers a unique experience. It is located on a 360-acre no-wake lake, offering several amenities. Among them are a swim beach, boat ramps, and a water slide.

The area also boasts a multi-purpose lodge ideal for hosting special events. Besides being a recreational haven, the location is near the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, making it a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Things to do in Lawton Lake Elmer Thomas, Fort Sill/Wichita Mtns W.R.
Things to do in Lawton Lake Elmer Thomas, Fort Sill/Wichita Mtns W.R.

There are also several RV parks along highway 58. The campground offers 62 RV campsites. It is also home to a bathhouse and convenience store. It is an excellent place to spend a day, especially if it’s hot in the area.

The lake is also home to a smallmouth bass catch and release program. In addition, the lake’s largest rock platform is the ideal training site for divers.

Geronimo’s Grave

In Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Geronimo’s Grave is the final resting place for 341 Apache prisoners of war who were taken during the Geronimo campaign of 1886. Geronimo was the spiritual leader of the Chiricahua Apaches. He became famous for his daring escape from capture. He was also considered one of the last great Indian warriors. He fought against the United States government and the Mexican army in the 1800s.

Places to go in Lawton Geronimo's Grave
Places to go in Lawton Geronimo’s Grave

He became a famous figure in old age, and his name lives on in Geronimo, Oklahoma. A stone eagle surrounds his tomb, with its wings spread wide. He was also known for his arrows, which he made and sold to the residents of Lawton.

In 1905, Geronimo was in the inauguration parade for President Theodore Roosevelt. He was one of the last Indian warriors to impact the American West significantly. He fought against the encroachment of the United States on tribal lands. He was a revered medicine man and an influential battlefield leader.

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    There is nothing inside the city of Lawton to do! Shopping and restaurants is it! I noticed you said 2 museums lol, the other couple of things you told about are not even in Lawton! Why don’t you write a real article about what there is to do inside the city of Lawton! Good luck! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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