The Changing Face of Retail at Pittsburgh Mills Mall, Tarentum, PA

The Birth and Rise of Pittsburgh Mills

Introduction to Pittsburgh Mills

The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, commonly known as Pittsburgh Mills, marked its grand opening on July 14, 2005.

This super-regional shopping center quickly became a significant retail destination in Tarentum, Pennsylvania.

Spanning an impressive 905,000 square feet, it was the second-largest shopping complex in Western Pennsylvania.

Its strategic location near PA Route 28 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike made it an accessible hub for shoppers from various regions.

Development and Design

The inception of Pittsburgh Mills was a collaborative effort between the Mills Corporation and Zamias Services, Inc.

These two prominent developers envisioned a unique shopping experience, integrating various themed neighborhoods within the mall.

These themes were inspired by Pittsburgh’s rich cultural and historical landmarks, offering not just shopping but an immersive experience.

The mall’s design catered to a wide range of consumers, aiming to blend traditional retail with entertainment.

Initial Success and Key Stores

Pittsburgh Mills attracted many shoppers in its early years thanks to its diverse range of stores and anchor tenants.

The mall initially boasted major department stores like JCPenney, Kaufmann’s (later transitioning to Macy’s), and Sears Grand.

These anchors were pivotal in drawing significant foot traffic, contributing to the mall’s initial success.

Moreover, including things to do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, like visiting themed neighborhoods and enjoying various dining options, added to the mall’s appeal.

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However, as the retail industry began to evolve, Pittsburgh Mills would face challenges that tested its resilience and adaptability.

Mall Complex at Pittsburgh Mills

The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills

The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, the primary component of the mall complex, spans 905,000 square feet.

This indoor area is not just a shopping space but a representation of the region’s identity. It is divided into five themed neighborhoods, each reflecting various Pittsburgh landmarks and cultural icons.

This design choice enhances the shopping experience and pays homage to the local heritage. The Galleria’s vast space is also a popular spot for mall walkers, with one lap around the mall measuring approximately one mile.

The Village at Pittsburgh Mills

Adjacent to the Galleria is the Village at Pittsburgh Mills, an integral part of the mall complex.

The Village extends the shopping experience with 925,000 square feet of retail space. It hosts over 30 retailers, offering visitors diverse shopping options.

The inclusion of the Village complements the Galleria, forming a comprehensive shopping and entertainment destination.

Pittsburgh Mills Tarentum
Pittsburgh Mills Tarentum” by wx412 is licensed under CC CC0 1.0

Entertainment and Community Engagement

In mid-April 2015, the mall introduced the Sky Trail in the food court area, aiming to boost entertainment and business.

This feature occupied a corner previously used for a carousel and a staging area for small pageants and school band concerts. However, the Sky Trail was removed in the fall of 2017.

The Decline of a Retail Giant

Early Signs of Trouble

The initial success of Pittsburgh Mills began to wane as early as a year after its opening. In 2006, Lucky Strike Lanes, a key entertainment tenant, closed its doors, signaling the beginning of a troubling trend.

This was followed by the closure of Linens ‘n Things in 2008, a significant loss given its appeal to home goods shoppers.

Borders Books, another major tenant, shut down in 2011, diminishing the mall’s retail diversity. These closures marked a turning point as the mall struggled to fill the growing vacant spaces.

The Shift in Retail Landscape

The decline of Pittsburgh Mills was not occurring in isolation. It was part of a broader shift in the retail industry, where traditional brick-and-mortar stores faced increasing competition from online retailers.

Consumer preferences were changing, with a growing emphasis on convenience and online shopping.

This shift significantly impacted malls like Pittsburgh Mills, which were built on the premise of in-person, experiential shopping.

Foreclosure and Auction

The financial struggles of Pittsburgh Mills culminated in a dramatic turn of events in January 2017.

The mall was foreclosed and auctioned to Wells Fargo for a mere $100. This astonishing sale price was a stark indicator of how far the mall’s value had plummeted from its once-prominent status.

The foreclosure significantly damaged the mall’s reputation and signaled an uncertain future for the once-thriving shopping center.

Namdar Realty Group and the Uncertain Future

New Ownership

2018, a glimmer of hope appeared when Namdar Realty Group acquired Pittsburgh Mills. Namdar, known for its portfolio of shopping centers, paid $11 million for the property.

This acquisition brought new management and a potential new direction for the struggling mall. However, Namdar’s reputation in the retail industry raised questions about the property’s future.

Financial Struggles and Tax Delinquency

Financial challenges marked Namdar’s tenure as the owner of Pittsburgh Mills. By 2023, the company had accumulated approximately $11.5 million in delinquent taxes.

This financial strain nearly led to a sheriff’s property sale in September 2023. However, Namdar managed to avert the sale by paying off the back taxes, temporarily securing the mall’s future.

Current State and Future Prospects

As of December 2023, Pittsburgh Mills presents a mixed picture. While Namdar has expressed optimism about the mall’s future, specific plans for its redevelopment or enhancement still need to be made clear.

The mall currently houses a mix of tenants, including Macy’s, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, but faces a high vacancy rate.

The future of Pittsburgh Mills hangs in the balance, with its potential hinging on Namdar’s next moves in the evolving retail landscape.

The Transformation of Retail Space

Non-Retail Tenants

Pittsburgh Mills began to diversify its tenant mix as the retail landscape evolved. Starting in 2014, the mall saw an influx of non-retail businesses.

These included real estate offices, armed forces recruiters, and medical supply outlets. Fitness clubs also found a home in the mall, reflecting a shift towards service-oriented businesses.

This transformation was a strategic move to utilize the vast space left vacant by traditional retailers.

Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 further accelerated changes at Pittsburgh Mills. Cinemark Theaters, a key entertainment tenant, announced it would not reopen its Pittsburgh Mills location post-pandemic.

However, in a positive turn, Goodrich Quality Theaters stepped in to reopen the former Cinemark in Spring 2021.

This transition highlighted the mall’s ongoing struggle to maintain entertainment options for visitors.

Community and Cultural Shifts

The community’s evolving needs around Pittsburgh Mills influenced the mall’s tenant composition.

The mall became more than just a shopping destination; it became a community space catering to various conditions and interests.

This shift indicated a broader trend in retail, where malls are increasingly becoming multi-purpose venues.

The Remaining Anchors – Stories of Survival


Macy’s has been a constant presence in Pittsburgh Mills since its transition from Kaufmann’s.

As one of the remaining anchor stores, Macy’s is crucial in attracting shoppers to the mall. Its survival and continued operation are vital to the mall’s overall foot traffic and appeal.

M@C Discount

M@C Discount, occupying the space that once housed Sears Grand, is a story of adaptation and survival.

Founded by Shawn Allen, M@C Discount offers a unique shopping experience through daily online auctions.

Their presence in the mall demonstrates the shift towards more innovative and experiential retail formats.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods remains a key anchor tenant at Pittsburgh Mills, demonstrating resilience in the evolving retail landscape.

As a major sporting goods retailer, Dick’s continues to draw customers, contributing significantly to the mall’s foot traffic.

Their ability to adapt and maintain relevance is a testament to the store’s commitment to meeting the changing needs of consumers.

GQT Cinemas

GQT Cinemas, which took over the space previously occupied by Cinemark, represents the ongoing appeal of movie theaters in shopping centers.

Their presence in Pittsburgh Mills underscores the importance of entertainment options in attracting visitors to malls.

GQT Cinemas’ decision to step in and fill the void left by Cinemark is a positive sign for the mall’s potential to remain a community entertainment hub.

Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, Frazer Township, Pennsylvania
Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, Frazer Township, Pennsylvania” by Generic1139 is licensed under CC BY 3.0

The Community Perspective and Future Outlook

Local Community Impact

The fluctuating fortunes of Pittsburgh Mills have had a significant impact on the local community in Tarentum, Pennsylvania.

As a major retail hub, the mall’s decline affected employment opportunities and the area’s retail landscape.

Local businesses and residents have watched the mall’s transformation, hoping for a revival that could rejuvenate the community’s economic and social vitality.

Potential Redevelopment Plans

There is ongoing speculation about potential redevelopment plans for Pittsburgh Mills. Township officials and community members are keenly interested in the future direction of the mall.

Ideas range from repurposing vacant spaces for community use to introducing more diverse retail and entertainment options.

The challenge lies in balancing commercial viability with community needs and preferences.

The Future of Retail in Tarentum

The future of retail in Tarentum, particularly at Pittsburgh Mills, remains to be determined. The mall’s ability to adapt to changing retail trends and consumer behaviors will be crucial.

There is potential for Pittsburgh Mills to emerge as a model for transforming traditional malls into multi-purpose community centers, catering to a broader range of needs and interests.


Reflecting on Pittsburgh Mills’ Journey

Pittsburgh Mills’ journey from a bustling retail hub to its current state reflects traditional shopping malls’ broader challenges.

Once a symbol of retail success, the mall has navigated through periods of decline, ownership changes, and evolving consumer preferences.

Its story is a microcosm of the retail industry’s struggles and transformations in the 21st century.

Broader Implications for the Retail Industry

The case of Pittsburgh Mills offers valuable insights into the retail industry’s future. It highlights the need for adaptability, innovation, and a keen understanding of consumer trends.

The mall’s evolution from a traditional shopping center to a space with diverse tenants, including non-retail businesses, mirrors the industry’s shift towards more experiential and service-oriented models.

Looking Ahead

As Pittsburgh Mills looks to the future, its success will depend on strategic planning, community engagement, and the ability to reinvent itself in a rapidly changing retail environment.

The mall’s potential transformation could serve as a blueprint for other struggling shopping centers, demonstrating the possibilities of renewal and adaptation in an era of unprecedented retail challenges.

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  1. Avatar of Amy

    I understand that malls have competition from online retailers but there is still a need to touch and try on merchandise. It appears that when the Mills Corporation went under, our mall suffered because it offered some high end stores that weren’t a good fit for our area. An outlet business model like other Mills malls would have been ideal. Consider that it is built on Rt. 28, which leads directly into downtown Pittsburgh, as well as, has quick access to the PA turnpike, and you could have easily brought shopping day tours to the venue. The mall is one of, if not the newest in our state and is unique. The area surrounding the main mall is already developed and ready for new storefronts to be built. We had been told that this is where the outlet centers for the mall would be located. I say save your mixed- use developments for the older, run down facilities and find someone to try and rebuild this space for retail. It is very needed in our area and may help bring business back in some of the small towns in our area as well. To me, it appears someone, some entity should be checking into this and the potential of drawing in retailers once more.

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Many thanks for your well-informed commentary. I appreciate your insightful analysis of the challenges faced by Pittsburgh Mills and the opportunities it presents. Your vision for a retail-focused revival and the mall’s unique features and prime location could foster positive growth for the surrounding communities.

  2. Avatar of Wanzie Calomino
    Wanzie Calomino

    I think along with many people I have spoken to think to revitalize this mall,the owners should try to turn it into a outlet mall. We think it would’ve a huge draw for the location being indoors. But, keep the flagship stores that are still there. There are no indoor outlets in this area. New York has many successful locations! And definitely no Dollar Stores! Thank you.

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for sharing your perspective on transforming Pittsburgh Mills into an outlet mall. Your idea of creating an indoor outlet shopping destination while retaining the flagship stores could attract more visitors and revitalize the mall.

    2. Avatar of Domenick partezana
      Domenick partezana

      we have a Mall in Johnstown but a lot of stores left and a new ownership took over but it don’t have very many stores in it the Walmart in Johnstown is the only store that people go to the problems are they get things from overseas like close and the sizes are not right there size are different than our us size and not a very good choice either

      1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
        Spencer Walsh (author)

        I’m also used to wearing clothes that fit according to US sizes. It’s frustrating when I buy clothes that don’t fit me well. Unfortunately, this has been a common issue in some stores lately.

  3. Avatar of April B.
    April B.

    I think Pittsburgh Mills Mall has great potential. But always said that a gas station was needed up there. like Sheetz or getgo. Sam’s club has one an but it’s for members only. Plus if they had something in the mall like a place to go to on the weekend like a dance club or skating rink for family to spend time together. It should be productive and an is needed. Even a big chain grocery store. But that’s just. my opinion. I really wish they would have opened up a public pool. that would have been great. Have a wonderful day 😊

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the potential of the Pittsburgh Mills. Your ideas about adding a gas station, dance club or skating rink, and a big chain grocery store are all interesting and could enhance the mall’s appeal to visitors. Also, thinking about the potential for growth and revitalization in a community is always exciting, and your suggestion of a public pool is incredibly fascinating.

  4. Avatar of Nancy Yoder
    Nancy Yoder

    Pittsburgh Mills Mall has the foundation , They should put a a place to watch movies Theater , A place with different games for the kids could play ,gas station Old Navy , Jc Penneys , Hills department store other than Sams Club , A Goodwill or Salvation Army store , Spencers not expensive clothing store , it just so many stores & food places to go eat , dining rooms even a hotel for people travling . Thank you

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      I appreciate your innovative suggestions. These additions could make Pittsburgh Mills Mall a one-stop shopping, entertainment, and dining destination. Thanks for your comment.

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